Yellow Treat² Mustard Algicide & the Safety of Sodium Bromide with Scott Hamilton of United Chemical

If you deal with mustard or as some call it yellow algae during the season, a go-to chemical has always been sodium bromide. But one of the downsides of sodium bromide is that it will in many cases zero out the chlorine. And if you are not careful the pool will actually be worse off the next time you visit it.

But United Chemical has come up with a new formula that if used correctly will allow you to add sodium bromide and still have a chlorine residual. They will be using the same Yellow Treat label but with a small “2” in the corner of the name to signify the new formula. Here is more on the new Yellow Treat formula and how to use it properly for the best results.

Yellow Treat®² makes killing mustard algae fast and easy. Just add 5 ounces per 10,000 gallons, brush, and shock. Then wake up the next day to an algae-free pool that still has a chlorine reading.
Yellow Treat®² contains ChlorineBoost™, the patented formula of ingredients that supercharges its algae killing ability while stabilizing chlorine readings.
Always add Yellow Treat®² directly to the pool or spa.

For swimming pools, add 5 ounces (one level capful) of Yellow Treat®² per 10,000 gallons by broadcasting directly onto the pool water surface. For spas, add the equivalent of 1/4 ounce per 500 gallons by broadcasting directly onto the spa water surface.

Brush pool or spa.

Independent of chlorine level, immediately adds liquid or dry chlorinating product for super-chlorination. Use the recommended dosage rate for super chlorination from an EPA registered chlorinating product.

Before swimming, use a test kit for measuring chlorine level, as directed on your chlorinating product label. Do not enter the water or swim until the chlorine residual drops to 3 ppm.
To prevent the reoccurrence of yellow and mustard algae and maintain crystal clear water, No Mor Problems® may be used in conjunction with chlorinating and brominating products. Follow the directions for use for No Mor Problems® and maintain the chlorine or bromine level recommended on your chlorinating or brominating product.

The ease of use is probably why sodium bromide is so popular. And the fact that it works really well at killing algae in a pool. With the new formula, some of the issues caused by either over-dosing or under shocking a pool are eliminated. And if you have ever used a sodium bromide product you know that it is very easy to make a dosing error. Add too much and the chlorine is zeroed out. Or add too little chlorine following the dose and your chlorine zeros out. So the reformulated Yellow Treat®² is a great idea.

I know there has been a lot of debate lately on the safety of using sodium bromide in pools but Scott Hamilton of United Chemical has said that if sodium bromide was unsafe the EPA would not allow them to register the product. It took over a year for United Chemical to get EPA approval for their new Yellow Treat®² and with that approval, it is safe to use with the manufacture’s recommended dosage.

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