Why You Need to Have an Automatic Pool Cleaner

If you follow any of my sites from YouTube to my Website and of course this Blog, you will have noted that I am a big fan of automatic cleaners. I spend a good portion of my content reviewing cleaners and filming repair videos of automatic cleaners. So, if you don’t already have some type of automatic cleaner you need to get with the program and get one for your pool.

There are several benefits to having an automatic cleaner. The first is that it will save you a lot of time with your pool care. Look at it like having your manual vacuum and hose in your pool all week long and you are vacuuming the pool 8 hours a day. You wouldn’t stand there vacuuming for 8 hours each day and that is why they call them automatic cleaners. Depending on the type depends on how it is connected or not connected to your pool. But essentially that is what it will do for your week in and week out.

It also will leave your pool swim-ready each week which is great if you find yourself using your pool throughout the season. Again, get the image of you vacuuming your pool all day and you can see why your pool will be good to go at any given time. No more rushing out to your pool to vacuum it before the pool party. This will allow you to focus on more important things and with the automatic cleaner running in the pool you won’t need to waste time and energy on cleaning it each time you use your pool.

Having a cleaner running can also prevent staining on the pool surface. Sometimes dirt will have metal ions in it and leaves will certainly stain the pool bottom if left there for a long period of time. A staple or other small metal piece can also fall into the pool and I have seen pools saved from a rust stain by an automatic cleaner picking up the small metal item. This is just one side benefit of a cleaner and I think the first two are enough to justify the expense.

Here is a rundown on the three types of cleaners available for your pool.

Suction Side Cleaners:
This is the most familiar type of cleaner for most consumers and the most popular type. A suction cleaner works off your pool’s existing pump and attached to the skimmer or a side/ vacuum port in your pool. Depending on the pool and type of debris this can be the most effective and cost-effective cleaner type for you. Most suction side cleaners retail for $400 or less.

The Suction side cleaner is the one most popular on my pool route as they are affordable, effective and there are a lot of different models to choose from. In most cases, I will suggest a good suction side cleaner since they are also easy to set up and easy to repair when something breaks.

Pressure Side and Return Side Cleaners:
Pressure Side cleaners are extremely effective. They have a large debris opening and a large bag on top of the debris. They can clean a large pool in 2- 3 hours or less. The drawbacks are that they need a separate booster pump installed and a dedicated return line. So usually Pressure Cleaners are installed when the pool is constructed or remodeled.

Return Side Cleaner (Polaris 360):
The Return Side cleaner is a great option if you have a newer pool with 1 1/2″ threaded return lines. This cleaner connects right into your existing return lines and works much like a Pressure cleaner with the exception that no booster pump is needed. I have these on several accounts and love them.

My opinion of Robotic Cleaners has changed over the recent years and now I would suggest them along with Suction Cleaners and Pressure Cleaners. One reason is that robotic cleaners are more reliable, and the manufacturers signify this by offering up to a three-year limited warranty, some offer a two-year bumper to bumper warranty if purchased from a retail pool store. The overall design of robotic cleaners has improved so the motors, belts, and drives all are longer lasting.

Do your research and you will be glad you invested in a good automatic pool cleaner and will only wish you had purchased one sooner.

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