Why Is Balancing You Pool Water Important anyway? With Bob Lowry

Why is balancing your pool so important? The main reason I think and one overlooked at times is that the water can look great and inviting but it could actually be a breeding ground for pathogens that can make a swimmer very ill. Bob Lowry is the foremost expert on swimming pool chemistry and he answers these questions and more in the podcast series I recorded with him.

Podcast recordings:
“Why is Balancing Your Pool Important Anyway?” With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry:
“Is High CYA Really a Problem?” With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry:
“Is Cyanuric Acid Testing Accurate?” With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry:
“Preventing Algae in Your Pool” With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry:
“Swimming Pool Metal Staining 101” With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry:
“Borates, Are They for Real?” With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry:

About Bob Lowry:
Robert W. Lowry
The Pool Chemistry Training Institute (PCTI) provides books and courses for residential pool service technicians. We have the experience and the credentials that we impart to all of our trainees for pool chemistry certification.

Bob Lowry was a technology officer for DEL Ozone an ozone generator manufacturer. He has been a consultant to numerous corporations including DuPont, Olin, Nalco, Arch, and FMC and to pool industry companies such as Natural Chemistry, LaMotte, ITS, Pentair, and Jacuzzi
Mr. Lowry has written 21 pool and spa water chemistry books published more than 175 technical articles, written 29 “white” papers, written a monthly column for Pool & Spa News, given more than 500 water chemistry seminars, and has certified more than 2,500 students to be CPOs (Certified Pool Operators). He wrote the 3 IPSSA training manuals which have more than 425 pages on water chemistry.

In addition, he has formulated, invented, developed, and introduced more than 111 new chemical products into the pool and spa industry. His last invention was Instant Conditioner (quick-dissolving liquid chlorine stabilizer – sometimes called liquid CYA).

In 2017 he revised, updated, and re-published the IPSSA Basic Training Manual and the IPSSA Intermediate Training Manual. Also in 2017, he translated the IPSSA Basic Training Manual into Spanish.

Swimming Pool Service and Maintenance Guide Books
In 2018 he published two additional books. Pool Chemistry for Service Pros which is a 28-page how-to book and a 226-page resource book called Pool Chemistry for Residential Pools.

Pool Chemistry Publications
PCC Logo Patch 072218
Also in 2018, he co-founded Pool Chemistry Training Institute which offers a 1-Day Residential Pool Chemistry Certification course called Pool Chemistry Certified – Residential or PCC-R aimed primarily at service technicians but can benefit retail stores and even pool owners. It is the only pool chemistry certification course in the industry.

Pool Water Chemical Calculator Apps
He has developed Pool Water Chemistry Smartphone Apps – a pH calculator for calculating acid doses and how to lower pH in pools, a pool calculator for calculating chemical doses, a pool calculator for calculating the Saturation Index, and a pool gallon calculator for calculating pool water drain amount.

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Pool Maintenance and Repair

The weather is beginning to warm up. Many stores are pushing its resort swimwear line, and you and your family are getting the pool ready for guests. You pull the tarp off of the pool and you realized your swimming pool needs more than cleaning.

Services Offered By A Pool Service Company

A pool service company is a company that provides all types of service work to pools. Most of these companies also are skilled at designing and installing pools of all kinds.

Hiring A Pool Maintenance Company

Home owners and businesses often look for a pool maintenance company to help keep swimming facility clean and safe for users. Trying to keep-up on the maintenance by themselves can be a daunting task and is something that should be left for a professional.

A Pool Repair Company Is An Economical Way To Maintain Your Pool

Many families may have decided they want to have a swimming pool installed. The value of the home in most cases will increase. There is weekly and in, some instances, daily maintenance required, as well as some repairs.

Finding A Good Pool Maintenance Company

Finding a good pool maintenance company does not have to be hard, you just have to know where to look. Many times, all you have to do is ask around. People might be able to tell you a company that they used and be able to tell you which one is good for you.

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