When Is The Right Time To Open Your POOL? | Swim University

Maybe you’re wondering: when is the right time to open up my swimming pool? Well, it’s better to open sooner rather than later. Otherwise, algae could start growing underneath your winter cover. So here’s how to know when to open your pool based on the weather in your area.

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⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 – Introduction to When To Open Your Pool
00:37 – When Should You Open Your Pool?
01:17 – When Should You Open A Heated Pool?
01:39 – What If You Open Your Pool Too Early?
01:54 – When Will The Weather Stay At 70 Degrees?

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Choosing a Pump for Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

There are many benefits in owning a swimming pool. Not only will you and your family spend quality time together by the pool, a swimming pool also adds value to your property. However an in-ground pool can be expensive to build and maintain. This is one of the biggest reasons why many homeowners choose to install an above ground pool instead.

Infrared Saunas – Turn Your Home Into a Spa

An Infrared sauna can turn your home instantly into a spa. These affordable saunas are therapeutic and can really make a dramatic improvement on your overall quality of life.

Above Ground Pumps – Filtering Through the Garbage

Above ground pumps are supposed to remove debris from your pool. I use the term “supposed to” because over the years I have found out that not all above ground pumps do what they are supposed to do.

In Ground Pool Pumps – Invest in Quality or Price?

When choosing in ground pool pumps, consider the following. Make sure you are buying a quality pump that will not corrode or burn out quickly. You should focus on the horsepower of the engine, volts, etc. Ideally you want a pool pump that is heat resistant, energy efficient, powerful enough for your pool size and, of course, within your budget.

All About Electronic Pool Cover/Utility Pumps

Having a swimming pool requires heavy-duty maintenance especially during rainy and wintry weather. These are the times of the year when you need to install a swimming pool cover to keep rain water and melted snow from collecting inside the pool. However water can easily collect on top of the pool cover too. If left unchecked, this will hurt your pool cover and cause damage to the walls of your pool as well. Investing in a special type of pump helps to eliminate this problem, keeping your pool cover and swimming pool in pristine condition throughout the year.

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