Waterway Champion 56FR 1-HP Single Speed Pump Overview Video

Waterway has for years been a very underrated manufacturer probably because the Big 3 has such a huge market share when it comes to pool equipment. With that in mind, this smaller California based company has been quietly making premium quality pumps and filters for years now. Under the radar maybe but not poor quality or lacking in quality to the other larger manufacturers. The Waterway Champion Single-Speed pump is a great example of this.

About this pump:
“The innovative and compact design of the Waterway CHAMPE-110 Champion 56 Frame Single Speed Pool Pump, 1 HP makes it ideal for new installations and as a replacement pump.

Quiet operation.
Self Priming.
Easy to Service.
60 Hz rating.
Large trap basket with cam-lock lid.

Single Speed High Performance, Full Rated, Dual Voltage Pool Pump.
Compatible with all cleaning systems, various filters, and jet action spas.

Model Number: CHAMPE-110
This high performance, full rated pool pump is compatible with all cleaning systems, various filters, and jet action spas.

The 56-frame motor of the Waterway CHAMPE-110 Champion 56 Frame Single Speed Pool Pump, 1 HP runs cooler longer and prolongs the life of your filtration system.

Adjustable Base and Swivel Unions
Achieve precise alignment and plumbing versatility for adding a booster pump or chlorine generator with this included adjustable base and union assemblies.”

About Waterway
“Since 1973, customers have trusted Waterway Plastics to design, engineer, and produce quality pool and spa products. Proudly made in the USA, Waterway prides itself on using only premium NSF approved materials in all of their products.”

I have been using the Waterway pumps for years now and I couldn’t tell you that it is any different from a Pentair Single-Speed pump in performance or reliability. The quality of the pump is excellent and I really like the extra-large pump basket. It is not overly large but bigger than most other pump baskets in the class. I also find the lid very easy to open which is a definite plus. It is truly a quality product all around.

To purchase: https://lesliespool.com/waterway-champe-110-champion-56-frame-single-speed-pool-pump-1-hp/388043.html/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=spll&utm_campaign=spll

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