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I’ve been asked many times to put together a review video comparing the four major vacuum systems on the market today. These would be the Riptide, The Bottom Feeder, Power Vac, and the Hammer-Head Vacuum. Each one of these has some pros and cons and each one is a little different. Overall you really can’t make a wrong choice between the four. Let me highlight some features for you about each system in no particular order.

Chapter Marks:
00:00 What to Expect in this video
00:02 Intro to the 4 Systems
03:03 Debris pick up ability
04:06 Outliers
05:21 Power & Maneuverability
06:44 Cart Comparision
07:28 Portability
08:18 Bags
09:43 Spas & Steps
11:27 Reliability
12:17 Battery Life
12:50 Transport Racks
13:56 Conclusion

This is probably the Tesla of vacuum systems. Riptide is always innovating. They basically only kept their vacuum head. And the vacuum head comes with a 10- year warranty because it is that durable.

The High Torque Motor (uses rare earth magnets) making it the most powerful vacuum on the market. The cord has a new protective external layer and comes in 40 ft or 60 ft lengths. The cart is now e-coated before powder coating

This makes the finish of our components much more durable. Extremely high-quality integrated steering knuckle -Integrated Stainless Steel Steering Knuckle. This allows you to hook any pole directly up to the Riptide vacuum without the need for any adaptors while being effortless to maneuver in the water. The SL model Riptides now include a Diagnostic/Tool Kit with a battery load tester, the load tester is essential for quickly determining battery condition.

Watch my Riptide review video here:

Power Vac:
The Power Vac wins in the maneuverability department hands down. Imagine pushing an office swivel chair around the pool bottom and you get the idea. Ideal for vinyl pools because of the safe wheels and vacuum head clearance and great for steps and spas. It takes some getting used to for sure but it works great and is actually was the first vacuum system on the market back in 1995.

The Vacuum head is unique in itself with the wide-body 20 inches by 11-inch cleaning path allowing you to pick up large debris through the 6” diameter throat. It has 35 lbs. of thrust and comes with the choice of a 40 ft or 60 ft cord. The cart is also one the most refined of the big three and it is extremely well made. You can also make the Power Vac portable and easily plug it into their battery case (sold separately).

Power Vac Review:

The Hammer-Head has been around almost as long as the Power Vac. The vac head is shaped differently but it has the same power as the Power Vac. You can get the standard 21” vacuum head or the larger 30” vacuum head. For most service techs the 21” vacuum head will work fine. You can also get the cord in 40 ft or 60 ft length and the cart is probably the least refined of the big three.

FEATURING THE PATENTED SMART SWITCH™ (The new HH1062 Smart Switch comes standard on all Hammer-Head pool cleaning units. SMART SWITCH™ features include a motor-saving overload sensor, two speeds, and an automatic shutoff when the motor is out of the water for more than a minute).

Bottom Feeder:
Fast. Light. Powerful.
Finish vacuuming a pool faster and easier with The Bottom Feeder Professional-Grade Battery-Powered Swimming Pool Vacuum. This cordless portable pool vac is so lightweight and easy to use, you can carry everything in one hand in only one trip from the truck to every pool on your route. With no hoses, long cords or carts, simply connect the 2.5-Hr. rechargeable lithium-ion battery and you are good to go. Weighing in at only 12 lbs., this compact and lightweight battery-powered pool vacuum is the lightest commercial-duty swimming pool vacuum system available.

The 18 lbs. thrust motor makes it effective at picking up leaves, twigs, small stones, and coins along with the finer debris. So there really is plenty of power.

Bottom Feeder Review:

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