Tips on Selling VS Pumps to Your Customers

After July 19th, 2021 you will be hard-pressed to find a single-speed 1hp pump or motor. The Department of Energy has mandated new energy rules and almost all of the single-speed pumps will no longer be sold. That leaves only Variable Speed Pumps as an option going forward after July 19th. Below are some of the pumps I recommend.

The first option would be to replace the motor with a Century V-Green stand-alone VS motor. They are compatible with most pumps and come with a round or square flange. It is the most affordable option and if the existing pump is less than 5 years old I would suggest going that route. But if you need to replace the entire pump here are some brands to look at. Note that I always suggest going with the brand of your automated system if you have one. So if you have a Hayward Automated system go with a Hayward pump.

Pentair was the first with their IntelliFlo VS pump and it is still the benchmark pump because there are just so many of them installed in backyards. When they first came out much thought they would never catch on and the first generation of the IntelliFlo did have a few issues. In the beginning, I didn’t like them much myself and thought it was a fad that would fade away. Now many states like California and Arizona require you to install one once your standard single speed pump needs to be replaced.

So, Pentair being the first makes it the best, right? Not exactly, but you can’t go wrong with a 3 HP IntelliFlo VS pump. It features a great price point and is super reliable. The menu can be challenging to understand but it has a long track record and is tough to beat. The flow rate of the IntelliFlo VS is also excellent and if you choose to go with Pentair you are making a very solid choice.

I will say that one factor to consider when you have an automated system already installed is to go with the VS pump that matches the brand of your automated system. The only exception is the Jandy Aqualink which is compatible with the Pentair IntelliFlo VS. But in most cases, if you have Hayward Automation, go with a Hayward VS pump. If you have a Jandy Aqualink go with a Jandy VS pump. And if you have a Pentair Automated system go with the IntelliFlo VS pump.

Let me touch on the Jandy VS Pumps. These are very good pumps and feature Century motors which have a great track record in the industry. The only thing you need to note is that the Jandy VS pumps need a separate controller to work. If the pump is a stand-alone without an automated system you would need a JEP-R Controller or the iQPump01 to actually program and control the pump. These can be mounted separately from the pump on the wall for instance and the iQPump01 works over the internet so you can control the pump from anywhere. The flow rate is comparable to the Pentair VS pump and they also feature a 3 HP version. The Jandy VS pump is about as good as the Pentair IntelliFlo, it is like comparing BMW with Mercedes

Hayward VS Pump line-up. With a Hayward VS pump like the TriStar 950 and Smart Pool control, you can control everything on your equipment pad that a stand-alone automated system can. You can turn on the heater, turn it to spa mode, turn on the lights, and much more from your Smart Phone using the Hayward OMNI Logic app. They also off a 3-year warranty on their new VS pumps with the TriStar 950 sporting a 4-year warranty. So Hayward is back in the game with their VS pump lineup.

All of these pumps require a 230 Volt set up which can be a drawback if you are running your current pump off of 115 Volts. The solution for this is to install the Pentair SuperFlo VS pump which has been designed to work with 230 Volts as well as 115 Volts. It is a 1.5 HP VS pump so it has plenty of power for your older pool set up and it is also very reliable. Hayward has also made the TriStar 950 with Smart Pool Control a dual voltage VS pump. So you can also connect the TriStar 950 to a 115 Volt set up. The pump will throttle down from the 3 HP rating to a 1.5 HP rating and work fine with your 115 Volt equipment.

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