Tips on Selling Suction Side Cleaner to Your Customers

There are several benefits of having an automatic cleaner in your service account. The first is that it will save you a lot of time out there on your route. Look at it like having your manual vacuum going in the pol for 8 hours a day. This essentially allows you to just spot vacuum each of your service stops.

It also will leave your clients pool swim-ready each week which is great if you find them using the pool throughout the season. Again, get the image of you vacuuming their pool all day and you can see why the pool will be good to go at any given time. No more manually vacuum each pool every week on your route. This will allow you to focus on more important things like pool chemistry.

Having a cleaner running can also prevent staining on the pool surface. Sometimes dirt will have metal ions in it and leaves will certainly stain the pool bottom if left there for a long period of time. A staple or other small metal piece can also fall into the pool and I have seen pools saved from a rust stain by an automatic cleaner picking up the small metal item. The fact that the cleaner will be keeping the pool floor and walls clean each week ensures an overall better look to the pool as well.

Suction side cleaners are the most familiar type of cleaner for most consumers and the most popular type. A suction cleaner works off your pool’s existing pump and is attached to the skimmer or a side/ vacuum port in your pool. Depending on the pool and type of debris this can be the most effective and cost-effective cleaner type for you. Most suction side cleaners retail for $400 or less.

The Suction side cleaner is the one most popular on my pool route as they are affordable, effective and there are a lot of different models to choose from. In most cases, I will suggest a good suction side cleaner since they are also easy to set up and easy to repair when something breaks.

A suction cleaner is also great because you can use the hoses that are already in the pool to spot vacuum the pool. Simply remove the cleaner head and attach your manual vacuum head and you can easily vacuum a pool.

You can easily equip your entire route with suction side cleaners by either selling your customers low-priced models like the Zodiac Ranger or the Pentair Lil’ Rebel. A lot of service companies include an automatic cleaner in their business model, simply add $15 to the monthly service and in a year it will pay for itself. Just the time savings will of course reap dividends and you can service more pools each day because of the automatic suction side cleaner.

I like to drop a demo cleaner in a pool and let the customer try it for 2-weeks. Rarely if ever will I get a customer who says they didn’t like the cleaner or how nice the pool looks each week with the cleaner running in the pool. It is usually an easy sell and I highly recommend having some type of automatic cleaner in every service account you have.

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