Tips on Getting Your Pool Ready for the Pool Season

Summer can be a challenging time for your swimming pool care. The days are longer, some regions have temperatures of over 100 degrees for weeks on end and the UV index is at the highest point. All of this will make maintaining a pool much more difficult. Here are some helpful tips for you so that you can make it through the Summer season with a sparkling clear blue pool.

One thing that is often overlooked is the pool’s filtration system. At the beginning of each season, you need to make sure the filter is operating properly and is cleaned. I like to clean and inspect my DE and Cartridge filters in March before the season starts here in California. If the grids have tears or the cartridges are old this is the time to replace them. One of the major problems that contribute to algae and pools unable to hold a good chlorine level is a poorly running filtration system. So, make sure the filter is clean and in good running condition.

During the Summer season algae can be a big problem. It can bloom for several reasons, but the primary reason is not adding chlorine to the proper level. Keeping your chlorine at 3.0 ppm to 5.0 ppm is a good idea. If the chlorine zeros out during the week algae can certainly bloom. So, check your chlorine level at least once a week or more and make sure you add chlorine consistently to the pool.

If your Conditioner level, CYA level is too low the chlorine will burn off quickly due to the intense UV rays in the Summer. Try to keep your CYA level at 30-50 ppm and raise it if necessary. If the Conditioner level gets too high, over 100 ppm then the chlorine becomes less effective. In this case, you will have to literally keep the chlorine at 10 ppm each week just to prevent algae growth. So, adjusting the CYA level in the pool is also a critical factor in the Summer.

The water level is one thing that is often overlooked during the season and it is one thing that can turn your pool green very quickly. Older pools do not have the main drain and skimmer connected and most of the older pools do not have the ability to turn off the skimmer if the water gets too low. This means that when the water level gets below the skimmer, the pool will begin to suck air. The pump will stop running and the pool water will not circulate. So, until you add water and correct this the pool will in effect stop running for that week. In 100-degree weather, this can easily lead to algae and a green pool.

If you do see any algae in the pool you will want to attack it aggressively. Failure to do this will result in a large algae bloom. Even a small amount in the step area can bloom into algae all over the pool walls in a few days. This is because the algae will use up the chlorine in the pool which will lead to it spreading rapidly. The best defense is prevention. You can start the season with a PoolRX in the pool, use a Poly Quat 60 or add Borates to your pool to bring it to 30-50 ppm. All these steps will help prevent algae in your pool during the season.

The point here is to be proactive with your pool care in the Summer. Start with a clean filter. Keep the chlorine level up, tread algae when you see it and fill your pool to keep the water circulating properly.

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