Things I Would Tell Myself About Running a Pool Service If I Could Go Back In Time

When I started the Pool Guy Podcast Show back in August of 2017 I didn’t think I would be doing it for very long. A few guests here and there and that is it. Fast forward to 4 years later and I have hit episode 700!

My podcast covers everything from automatic cleaner, business tips, chemistry, equipment, filtration, pool pro tips, and more. I have interviewed just about everyone in the industry and my monthly guest Bob Lowry has given listeners great insight into the chemistry of swimming pools. You can find every podcast listed on my secondary podcast site which has a search box feature. In the search type in “liquid chlorine,” “Bob Lowry” etc and all the podcasts with that subject will pop up for you.

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In this episode, I focus on some things I would tell myself if I could go back and talk to my younger self. The first thing I would tell myself is to learn more about why things happen to a pool instead of trying to just treat the symptom. What effect does very high Cyanuric Acid have on the pool chemistry? What effect the filtration has on pool chemistry and clarity? These are things I really never thought about and I just went about my day treating algae and spending more time and energy struggling to keep the pool blue. Thankfully now there are many resources available including Bob Lowry’s 20-page handbook which is essential in
knowing the “why” out in the field.
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Another thing I would have done would be to get a vacuum system. I wasted a lot of time out there before I got my Riptide and Bottom Feeder. A Vacuum system just makes cleaning a pool that much easier and if you haven’t picked up one yet you have to put it on your must-have list.

I think this is one that made a big difference and that is I would tell myself not to worry so much about everything. I spent too much time worrying about a customer’s pool or something I did or may have done wrong. In the big picture, it really is not a big deal. I spend needless hours worrying when the customer didn’t even notice most of what I was worried about.

To hear more of the things I would have told myself you can listen to the podcast and hopefully you will learn some things that I wish the younger me knew when I first got started.

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