The Ultimate Hayward/PoolVac A-Frame &Turbine & V-Flex Turbine Rebuild Video

When your Hayward Navigator or PoolVac stops working, the usual suspect is the A-Frame and Turbine and in the newer V-Flex Models the bearings in the V-Flex Turbine. There are actually many variations of the Hayward cleaner with the same internal parts; Navigator V-Flex, Navigator Pro, PoolVac V-Flex, Pool Vac XL, Pool Vac Classic, Hayward Blu, Penguin AquaBug, Wanda the Whale along with the older Navigator and PoolVac Models.

The telltale sign that the part is not working correctly is that you will see the cleaner just sitting on the bottom not moving. If you lift it off the pool surface you may see the pods moving back and forth, but when you put it back down, it just sits there like a rock. Typically that is the A-Frame/Turbine or the V-flex turbine depending on your vacuum model. The parts are relatively inexpensive and the part swap is relatively easy to do.

Here is the typical kit I recommend for any of these above vacuums except the V-Flex Models. This will get your cleaner moving again in no time and it is relatively easy to install.

Hayward AXV621DAT Pool Vac A-Frame/Turbine Kit
2 soft roller A-frames & bushings,
saddle, keeper, main turbine & bearings, hex head pod screws, pod screw washers.

If you have a V-flex cleaner it is even easier to repair. All you would need to do is remove the bottom and cover and drop in a new V-Flex Turbine with bearings. No real disassembly needed. This is the kit you will need for that repair.

Hayward Navigator V-Flex Turbine Kit HSXVV3000SAC
Turbine Kit – Includes Turbine & 2 Bearings

If you have an older cleaner and want to upgrade it to the V-Flex Turbine they sell two different kits. Why would you consider upgrading to the V-flex Turbine? The best reason is that it is a superior turbine in that it will “flex” and let larger debris into the cleaner. It is also an easier part to replace going forward since you just need to remove the old one and drop in a new one without disassembling the entire cleaner. All you need to do it open the bottom and remove the top.

Hayward Navigator Poolvac Ultra XL V-Flex Upgrade Kit VVX3000CKITWH
V-Flex Turbine kit
Bearing free A-Frame kit and retainer
Replacement Shoes (x4)
Replacement Wings (x2)
Suction inlet (Throat)Suction inlet (Throat) Product Description: Upgrade PoolVac or Navigator® suction cleaners with the latest patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology.

Hayward Navigator Poolvac Ultra XL V-Flex Upgrade Kit PLUS VVX3000SCKITWH
V-Flex Turbine kit
Bearing free A-Frame kit and retainer
Replacement Shoes (x4)
Replacement Wings (x2)
Suction inlet (Throat)
Pod Kit
Front and Rear Flaps

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