The New! Line Up of Jacuzzi Branded Pool Equipment – Great Warranty and Wholesale Pricing!

Leslie’s Jacuzzi line-up of products are a great line-up of branded products that were handpicked from major manufacturers for both the retail customer’s and pool pros. The Jacuzzi name has been around for decades and Leslie’s is trying to take it to the next level with the new line up of products.

Here are some of the great features of the new jacuzzi line-up by category. Note that through Leslie’s Equipment Protection Plan if you buy the product in a Leslie’s store you get an additional extended warranty and pool pros who are part of Leslie’s Pro program also qualify for the extended warranty beyond the manufacturer’s warranty listed here.

Variable Speed Pumps:
The 1st generation of Jacuzzi pumps lacked a few features such as connectivity to automation and a time-out mode. Two things that were very important to homeowners. The new Jacuzzi Vs Pumps feature all of that and more.

JVS270 is a 2.7 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 12.9 WEF
JVS185 is a 1.85 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 10.1 WEF
JVS165 is a 1.65 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 10.7 WEF

All of these pumps are dual voltage which means they will work with either 115 volts or 230 volts. So if you have an older pool that is wired on a 110 v breaker, you can use any of these three pumps as the voltage is automatically modulated. I would suggest the JVS165 or the JVS185 to utilize the total hp rating of these pumps. The JVS270 will be throttled down to about 1.5 hp when connected at a 110 v breaker.

All three pumps are also automated ready so all you need to do is connect the Comm wires to your particular automated system. They come factory set to connect directly with Hayward Automation. For the others, you may need an adapter sold separately. But the simple fact that you can connect these pumps to your existing automation is a real game-changer.

They are also backed by a 3-year warranty and a 4-year warranty for the JVS270 so rest assured you are getting a quality product.

DE Filters:
The Jacuzzi JDE60 60sq. ft. DE In-Ground Pool Filter and the JDE48 (48 sq ft.) provides superior efficiency and water clarity for in-ground pools and spas of all types.

Includes multiport valve
2-1/2″ internal piping
Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene body for superior strength
Multi-Handle design
Heavy-duty tamper-proof clamp
industry-proven D.E. grids
“Start-Service” dial on the stainless steel pressure gauge
1-1/2″ bottom clean-out port
2-1/2″ hi-temp PVC slide valve available
2-1/2″ x 2″ Multi-Port Valves – available in Slip or FPT
Convertible to the cartridge by simply changing the internals
Manufactured in the USA
2-Year Limited Warranty

Jacuzzi D.E. Pool Filters are a high-performance swimming pool and spa filters manufactured from durable, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene. They are designed for continuous or intermittent operation, for fresh or saltwater in-ground swimming pools or spas.

Cartridge Filters:
The Jacuzzi JCF425 425 sq. ft. pro-grade cartridge pool filter makes a great option for those wanting long-lasting, efficient equipment that really delivers.

Manufactured in the USA
2 1/2″ Internal plumbing is the largest in the industry. Minimizes restrictions and improves water flow
4 cartridge design offers excellent cleaning capabilities and increases the time between cleaning cycles
Pleatco Ultra cartridge filters
Chemical resistant fiberglass reinforced polypropylene tank provides exception performance under the harsh elements
Heavy Duty Handles on the top for easy maintenance
Stainless Steel Oil Filled Gauges
For use with 2.5″, 2″, or 1.5″ Plumbing makes it the most versatile filter on the market
2-Year Limited Warranty

JSC40 Salt System:
Pool salt system and salt cell for pools up to 40,000 gallons
new 15,000 hours extended life plate
Clear cell housing to easily inspect cell plates
Clean with zero acid – cell plates are completely removable for easy cleaning
Easy to read design for the control unit
Heavy-duty custom cleaning tool included
Manufactured in the USA
3-Year Equipment Protection Plan Warranty

The metal plates in a Powerclean Salt cell are each individually powered. Competing products have plates crammed close together so that they can “share” electricity.

The improved design lets us spread the plates further apart. This makes them easy to clean by hand. The wider spacing also helps prevent mineral buildup that bridges between plates–mineral bridging can lead to permanent damage.

(Ships 220V Ready)
10FT Cell Cord Length

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