The New DOE Pool Pump Regulations and How They Will Affect You – With Scotty Petty of Hayward

Starting July 19th, 2021 the DOE will begin to regulate which pool pumps can be manufactured. Basically, any pump deemed to be not energy efficient will no longer be allowed. Some of the only pumps that will be sold legally will be Variable Speed Pumps. It can be a little confusing and I invited Scott Petty of Hayward to talk about the new regulations. He has over 17 years of experience with Hayward in their pump department and is known as “The Pump Guy.” Listen to learn all about the new DOE regulations.

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Scott mentioned four options for you in the podcast when it comes to pump and motor replacements after the new DOE regulations go into effect. The first option would be to replace the motor with a stand-alone VS motor like Hayward’s new XE line-up. You can also purchase other ones like the Century V-green which is compatible with most pumps and come with a round or square flange. It is the most affordable option and if the existing pump is less than 5 years old and I would suggest going that route. These are basically the motor with a VS pump drive on the back which qualifies under the new DOE regulations.

You can also downsize your current pump to a less powerful pump that meets the DOE requirements. But if you currently have a 1.5 hp pump and spa or water features that may not be a viable option. Reducing the pump output can cause these to run poorly and an undersized pump could affect the overall water quality. I think very few customers will be able to downgrade to a lower pool pump hp rating.

Haywards new XE pumps are a middle-of-the-road solution. These are pumps with a VS drive of sorts built into the pump and are fully functional with the ability to change the pump speeds just like a standard VS pump. They are simpler and easy to operate and can easily replace your standard speed pump or motor. They don’t connect to automation but they would be perfect for those pools where the pump is on an Intermatic timer or for pool water features and spa pumps.

To see the XE pumps:
Hayward VS Pump line-up. With a Hayward VS pump like the TriStar 950 and Smart Pool control, you can control everything on your equipment pad that a stand-alone automated system can. You can turn on the heater, turn it to spa mode, turn on the lights, and much more from your Smart Phone using the Hayward OMNI Logic app. They also off a 3-year warranty on their new VS pumps with the TriStar 950 sporting a 4-year warranty. So Hayward is back in the game with their VS pump lineup.

All of these pumps require a 230 Volt set up which can be a drawback if you are running your current pump off of 115 Volts. The solution for this is to install the Pentair SuperFlo VS pump which has been designed to work with 230 Volts as well as 115 Volts. It is a 1.5 HP VS pump so it has plenty of power for your older pool set up and it is also very reliable. Hayward has also made the TriStar 950 with Smart Pool Control a dual voltage VS pump. So you can also connect the TriStar 950 to a 115 Volt set up. The pump will throttle down from the 3 HP rating to a 1.5 HP rating and work fine with your 115 Volt equipment.

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