The CYCLONE Cartridge Filter Cleaner – Clean a Cartridge in Half the Time!

Cleaning cartridge pool filters can be a real chore and a real pain. If you do pool service cleaning 4-5 of these during the filter cleaning season can really take a toll on your back and your time out on your pool route. The Cyclone Cartridge Cleaner solves both of these problems for you. It will make cleaning the cartridges faster and since the cartridge is now off of the ground it will also help with the back pain created from bending over them as you clean them.

The current list price is $229.00 without the stand. If you want the stand you can add it to your order for an additional $79.00.

If you are looking for a way to make cartridge filter cleaning easier and faster this is a tool for you. Especially if you clean a lot of the Quad Type (4 Cartridge) filters on your pool route. For a homeowner, this would be the perfect tool to make your cartridge cleaning chore a breeze. Included is the nozzle is seen in the video to make things simple as it is the most effective nozzle for the Cyclone.

Up to 2X faster!
Simple compact design is easy to store on your truck or nearby your filter
It saves time and reduces strain on your back
The most effective method of filter cleaning
Only requires access to water pressure through a hose
Uses less water and makes the job less messy

Compatible with all cartridge filters with cartridges that have a 3” opening on top. Here are the filters it will work with:

Hayward SwimClear Multi-Element
Hayward SwimClear Single Element
Hayward StarClear Plus
Hayward Star-Clear
Jacuzzi JCF425
Jacuzzi 420
Jacuzzi JC150
Jacuzzi JCF150
Jandy CV Cartridge
Jandy Cl Cartridge
Jandy CS Cartridge
Pentair Clean & Clear Plus
Pentair Clean & Clear
Pentair Clean & Clear RP
Posi-Clear RP
Waterway Crystal Water 425
Waterway ClearWater II

And any other cartridge filter with a 3” diameter hole on the top and bottom of the filter and as you can see from this list it fits the 4-cartridge type filters from all of the major manufacturers.

To purchase the Cyclone Cartridge Cleaner (Grass set up):

• Hard Anodized Aluminum Shaft
• 2 Cyclone Clamps
• Set of Cyclone Bearings (Top and Bottom)
• Spray Nozzle and PVC Extension with fittings
• Stand NOT included in this package
*Comes with Bearing to accommodate 3″ filter openings which are common in most quad style cartridge filters that contain 4 filter elements. To clean the larger “single bullet” style cartridge filters you will also need to purchase the “single bullet” bearings sold separately.

Grass Setup
Quickly set the Cyclone upright in the grass. This often enables you to clean nearby pool equipment pads and eliminates messy cleanup. Simply press the rod into the grass, or if the ground is hard try out our hammer sleeve accessory to easily pound the rod into the grass or dirt.

The Cyclone Stand
The Cyclone Stand lets you set up on flat surfaces making it a very versatile cleaning system. The stand is stable and is perfect for applications where the ground is too hard or there is no grass.

To purchase the stand:

For those of you in Florida with the larger single cartridge filters, they also sell a special set of bearings for you. These bearings are designed for cartridge openings 4” to 6” inches in diameter.

To purchase larger bearing for 4” and 6” cartridges:

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