The Chemicals You Need to CLOSE Your POOL | Swim University

On this episode we’re talking about the only chemicals you need to add to your pool before you close it.

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Four Pool Supply “Splurges” That Are Actually Smart Investments

There are plenty of pool supplies that are labeled as “splurges.” However, some supplies that may be considered unnecessary by some could actually be great investments for your swimming pool: Automation controllers. These are sometimes called chemical management systems because they do exactly that-these controllers monitor chemical balance and even administer chemicals so that your pool is perfectly balanced.

Swimming Pool Care Tips

As a swimming pool professional I get asked a lot of questions. Here is a quick list of this seasons most popular questions.

More Maintenance FAQ’s Answered

We’re back answering your common pool supply questions. Hope we can clear some things up so you can get back to enjoying your pool!

Swimming Pool: To Remove or Not to Remove

Are you still having a debate between yourself or with your family members as to whether or not a project like swimming pool removal is a great idea? Have you already exhausted the pros and cons of having and keeping a swimming pool and still feel undecided? And how can you tell if it is time to give up the debate and finally decide to remove it?

The Benefits Of LED Pool Lighting

One of the major advantages of LED pool lights is energy conservation. Since these lights consume less energy than regular lights, installing them does not cost you more money, in fact you are making it back for future years. You can replace one halogen globe with 14 LED lights and still the energy consumption will remain the same… The LED lights give a brighter light than halogen lamps. This means that you can install fewer lights and still get a well illuminated pool. LED lights also give the added benefit because of their long life. These lights can easily last up to 50,000 hours, which is double than halogen lamps.

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