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This is a trailer for our YouTube Channel where we host a bunch of fun “how-to” videos aimed at helping you take care of your pool and/or hot tub.

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Swim University®️ has made swimming pool and hot tub care easy for more than 10 million homeowners. And each year, we continue to help more people with water chemistry, cleaning, and troubleshooting. We know taking care of a swimming pool or spa can be difficult. And it’s hard to find a trusted source of information. We get it! This is the reason we created Swim University®️.

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The Ultimate in Luxury Pools

When people start to think about installing a pool in their backyard or opening a business that features swimming pools, they can sometimes forget how many options there really are. You could install a standard swimming pool that would be fun for your family and, in the case of a business, your customers. But if you were to install a riverpool or swim spa pools, then your backyard would be the hit of the neighborhood and your business would take off.

5 Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

If you are in the market for a sauna, you may have heard of the new infrared saunas available everywhere. Infrared saunas are more efficient in the way they operate, featuring a computer system with multiple settings you can control. They are so uncomplicated that there is no need for installation experts and added fees – you can put it together yourself and plug them into a wall socket. These new saunas cost pennies in operating costs and are ready to use in just five minutes.

Discount Hot Tubs and Spas for Sale – Factory Direct

When purchasing a spa, it is important to understand the difference between a cheap one made of substandard materials and a discount hot tub that is of high quality materials. It is easy to confuse the two because many consumers find themselves questioning the discounts on higher end spas. To clarify the difference, there are several points to consider.

Swimming Pool Builders: Provide Your Family a Serene Place for Healing and Rejuvenation

Swimming pool builders have seen a boom in the tourism industry the last couple of decades. This is also the reason why there are numerous hotels and resorts mushrooming all over the world which paved the way for a rise in the demand for pool construction.

Pool Builders: The Ideal Pool Style for All Ages

Pool builders are well-equipped in constructing beach style swimming pools complete with rim flow waterfalls. Beach style are designed to allow a graceful flowing appearance. It is complete with timber decks, trees planted on benches, beach entrance and water features.

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