Swimming Pool Start Up Panel: Start-Up Methods and Issues

In this series, I discuss various aspects of Swimming Pool Start-Ups with a panel of experts. Part one consists of learning about the different Start-Up Methods and some problems that can arise. To get a full picture of pool start-ups I recommend listening to all four podcasts. But from part-one, you can get a general idea of what it means to start-up a new swimming pool.

David Penton is a local pool builder in Southern California and the owner and operator of Fluid Dynamics. He is also the host of the Ask The Masters Podcast https://www.askthemasters.org/podcast-1

David Rockwell is a pool Start-Up expert and the owner of Liquid Paradise. He is also the Co-Host of the Pool Pro Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pool-pro-podcast/id1502306522

Chip Blough of Cal Plastering Co, Inc. a member of the National Plasterers Council: https://www.npconline.org/
Other Parts in the series
Part 1 Pool Start-Up Panel Part 1 of 4: Start-Up Methods with David Penton, David Rockwell & Chip Blough (This YouTube Video): https://www.buzzsprout.com/110832/5641609

Part 2 Pool Start-Up Panel Part 2 of 4: Start-Up Methods & Issues with David Penton, David Rockwell & Chip Blough: https://www.buzzsprout.com/110832/5641690

Part 3 Pool Start-Up Panel Part 3 of 4: Warranty Issues with David Penton, David Rockwell & Chip Blough: https://www.buzzsprout.com/110832/5641738

Part 4 Pool Start-Up Panel Part 4 of 4: What a Good Pool Finish Looks Like with David Penton, David Rockwell & Chip Blough: https://www.buzzsprout.com/110832/5641804

00:00 Intro
05:08 Start-Up Methods
10:24 Hot Start-Up
15:00 Barrel Start-UP
19:12 No Start-Up Recovery
23:09 Start-Up Cost and Average Charge

There have been two commonly practiced Start-Up Methods over the years, the Traditional Start-Up and the “Hot Start-Up” and recently over the past 3-4 years a newer method, the Barrel Start-Up. So which method is right for your pool? According to the panel that depends on the pool surface as well as your experience as a Pool Start-Up Specialist. It does take quite a bit of knowledge to do a Start-Up correctly and doing no Start-Up of course has its’ own set of consequences.

While the pool surface is curing it is basically wet cement and like a driveway that has been recently poured anything that touches it from a leaf falling to a lizard crawling across it will leave a mark. The same goes for your pool. If you step in it or your dog decides to walk across the steps like putting your handprint in wet cement, these footprints will be immortalized in your pool surface. When you vacuum the pool too soon using a manual vacuum head with wheels, turn off the water before the pool is filled or let anything fall into the pool and all of these will leave permanent marks on the pool surface (with the exception of a Pebble Surface).

All of these aspects are covered in the above recording and much more with the panel of experts.

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