Skimmer Pool Software That Rocks! Take Your Pool Service Business to the Next Level!

Skimmer is the Premiere Pool Routing and Invoicing Software with over 2K customers & 7K app users including pool service owners, technicians, and admins. In October 2020, our customers serviced 135,000 pools and completed 44,000 work orders. Skimmer’s customers to date have recorded almost 35 million readings and dosages to date.

Skimmer is also very affordable starting at $29.99 a month or .50 cents per service account whichever is greater. So a route of 100 accounts will cost you just $50 per month. You get a lot for your money with Skimmer and below are some of the many things this routing app will do for you.

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02:47 Skimmer Stats
04:10 Why is Skimmer the Best
06:12 Skimmer Works Offline Also
07:50 Features of Skimmer
10:55 Taking Your Business to the Next Level
14:35 Cost of Using the Software
16:20 Single Poler
17:30 Skimmer Invoicing Features
19:40 How Easy is it to Use?

Everything You Need to Run Your Pool Service Business:
Skimmer is pool service software that makes it easier to run your pool business. Now, you can finally ditch that old paper-based system and run your business the modern way.

Track all your customers, each with the ability to have multiple locations and bodies of water. Always have up-to-date contact information, wherever you go.

Everything you need to customize and optimize routes, along with tracking all your service stop data. Easily move stops to a different day or from one tech to another.

Service Emails
Email your customers beautiful service reports automatically when you finish each route stop. Include photos along with chemical readings and dosages.

Work Orders
Easily track repairs, service calls, and filter cleanings. Techs can take photos and fully describe the issue so you know what parts to buy before going.

Shopping List
Need a part? Put it on the built-in shopping list and track it through every stage from purchasing to installing and finally invoicing the customer.

Invoicing Report
You’ve done the work, now get paid for it. Skimmer makes it easy to see all the work you’ve done for each customer for any period of time, making billing a snap.

Email Beautiful Service Reports. Automatically
Filling out door-hangers and leaving them at each pool is a huge pain. With Skimmer, you can email your customers a beautiful service report automatically, and it will look great on any device!

Optimize Your Route. Like Never Before
Every good pool man knows that the better you optimize your route, the more money you make. Driving time is wasted time, and you want to save every minute you can. However, with a 3-ring binder that’s nearly impossible! You need an app to help you, an awesome pool service app, and Skimmer is just that!

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