Should You Convert to A SALT WATER POOL System? | Swim University

Thinking about converting from chlorine to salt water in your pool? While it saves you from buying chlorine ever again, it still requires a lot of pool maintenance. Here’s everything you need to know about the pros and cons of converting to a salt water pool system for your inground or above ground pool.

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Fill ‘Er-Up!

Those that own pools generally love them. Those that don’t are generally jealous of the people who do. Pools offer an escape of the sweltering summer heat; they provide a socializing mechanism for those summer parties.

Summer Is Coming! Set Your Family Up for Lots of Fun in the Sun With Your Own Backyard Swimming Pool

As Spring begins, the weather is beautiful. Winter is past and warmer temperatures are on the way. In fact, Summer isn’t that far away. And that means hot and humid, especially in the southern states. Maybe this is the year to finally beat that heat with your own backyard swimming pool? There are many different factors to consider in this choice, so read on to learn more! Different factors to consider when shopping for a backyard pool.

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When you are looking to invest in above ground pools, you need to consider different options. Use these tips to help you make the right decision.

Who Needs a Spring Break Beach Trip When You Can Relax by Your Pool?

Save money this year by buying a pool vs. going on an exotic trip. Most people go vacations during Spring Break to party and swim, but you can have the same experience for a fraction of the price (with added privacy and comfort) when you buy your own pool.

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People can always construct one pool at the backyard. Pool construction involves several steps and careful planning. Here, are some guidelines about construction of a swimming pool.

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