Riptide Vacuum SL Weatherproof Cover by Clear Pool Products – Protect your Investment!

I have always thought it was a good idea for someone to create a cover for your vacuum system. It is of course a durable piece of machinery but still, exposing it to the Sun, rain, and wind day in and day out will wear anything down. Riptide is the first vacuum system now that has its own exclusive Weather Proof cover and it comes in Riptide Blue.

To order:

This is a Weather Proof Cover much like the ones you would find for your outdoor furniture and BBQ. The cover is surprisingly thick and is made of premium fabric hand made in Mexico. There is a strap and clip-on back to pull the cover tight and a strap on the front to clip the cover to your hitch to secure it during transport. So, on those really rainy days, your Riptide will stay nice and dry even attached to the back of your truck.

This is a fitted cover made specifically for the Riptide dimensions. It is narrow at the top so it won’t fit the Power Vac and may fit a Hammer-Head. They will soon be making covers for both of those systems so stay tuned if you have a Power Vac or Hammer Head Vacuum System.
If you own a Riptide this is a must for you. You can, of course, use a BBQ cover but that is not fitted for the Riptide like this cover and you will spend the same amount on one of those.

For $65.00 plus shipping, this is a great deal! For storage purposes covering the Riptide will protect it from the sun’s UV rays and also keep it looking clean. You can see my machine is very dirty from being on my truck and stored in my yard without a cover. This is a great way to keep your Riptide looking clean and new and protect it from dirt, rain, and the sun.

The same company also distributes the Vacuum System bags from the manufacturer in Mexico. These are great after-market bags that fit all of the Vacuum Systems. You can learn more about those bags here:

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