Riptide SL Cart Assembly & Battery Set Up Step by Step Video- Updated Version with Cord Clip!

For shipping purposes, the Riptide SL comes shipped pretty much unassembled. When you get it out of the box it can look a bit daunting but assembly is simple and easy. In fact, it should take you roughly 30-45 minutes at the most. I did film the assembly of the previous version, but this one has some updated features that you should know about, thus a second video.

In case you are wondering they ship to all 50 states. They ship daily via UPS Ground.
Local Pickup is available in Riviera Beach, FL. If you live in California expect your new Riptide to arrive in about 4 days. If you live in Texas it is about 3 days. Of course 1 day anywhere in Florida.

Note that the battery and battery charger are sold separately. You can use various sizes of batteries, the one shown here is the maximum size you can use, a 100 AH battery. It is also the largest size by dimensions that you can fit in the SL cart: 12.9 inches long, 8.7 inches high, and 6.8 inches in depth. Anything longer or higher than this will not fit in the SL Cart. I suggest a 50 AH battery or even a 35 AH battery make the cart lighter. With the 100 AH battery it adds 60 lbs to the cart weight. A 35 AH battery will weigh only 23 lbs. It can be adjusted for any size AH battery, 35 AH to 100 AH, with the orange battery tabs.

The Riptide Vacuum System can also be purchased without a Service Cart and it is sold with just a stand-alone vacuum head and Battery Box. This is a great option if you are a pool service professional and don’t need or want the cart or if you are a homeowner who just needs the vacuum without the cart. The current price for the vacuum head and Battery Box is $850.00.

To order or learn more you can go directly to their website:

Here are some of the great features of the Riptide:
1. High Torque Motor (uses rare earth magnets)
– High Torque Motor- Our new High Torque motor utilizes rare earth magnets making it the most powerful vacuum on the market.
2. The cord (new protective external layer)
3. Stainless steel endplates on the vacuum head
4. The cart is now e-coated before powder coating
5. The Transport Rack Is e-coated now too
– Electrostatic Coating- All of our powder-coated parts are now electrostatic coated (ecoating) and then powder coated over. This makes the finish of our components much more durable.
6. Extremely high quality integrated steering knuckle
-Integrated Stainless Steel Steering Knuckle. This allows you to hook any pole directly up to the Riptide vacuum without the need for any adaptors while being effortless to maneuver in the water.
7. The SL model Riptides now include a Diagnostic/Tool Kit with a battery load tester, the load tester is essential for quickly determining battery condition.
8. The bags now have a different ring color to differentiate different microns.
9. The bags (100 Micron and below) are double layers now this feature is making the bags last much longer.
10. We now have a 25 Micron (specialty dust bag) this bag can eliminate the need to system vac a pool with a dust problem.

The general thought we are trying to communicate is that the build quality is exceptional.

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