Riptide 25 Micron Bag is Great for Fine Dirt! Retire Your System Vacuum Today!

Let me first say that I have used a lot of different vacuum system micron bags. One of my all-time favorites is the Riptide 75 micron bag because it is perfect for leaf debris as well as some fine dirt. I’ve used 60-micron bags from Riptide and other manufacturers and these were very good at removing fine dirt. But their new 25-micron bag is really amazing for a number of reasons.

Let me just get the fact that there is some resistance in the bag because of the very fine micron mesh. This means moving the vacuum from the spa to the pool with the 25-micron bag on will be a slower process as the air takes longer to evacuate. Also, the bag does get full quickly with the fine dirt so you may need to stop and empty the bag in the middle of vacuuming the pool. Not a major drawback when you consider the benefits.

The number one benefit and the reason Riptide even came up with the 25-micron bag was that they want to eliminate the need for system vacuuming or manual vacuuming as we called it in my day. With the 25 micron bag, you will not need to system vac a pool again. That means no more 2nd service cart or hauling a 50 ft pool hose and manual vacuum head back to a service account. The amount of time this will save you by just using the Riptide at all your service accounts will pretty substantial. Even if you have to stop once to rinse out the 25-micron bag once before finishing. Or better yet, carry two 25 micron bags and just swap them out.

You can make a pretty good comparison between the 25-micron bag and a pool filter or a robotic cleaner. For example, the Polaris cleaner will filter down to about 60 microns. The dolphin robots to about 20 microns. A Sand Filter will filter down to 20-40 microns. A Cartridge Filter down to 10-20 microns. So at 25 microns, any visible dirt will be picked up by the bag, leaving the pool dirt-free and spotless. It is really hard to think about a vacuum system bag with the ability to pick up dirt like a robotic pool cleaner but the 25-micron bag does just that!

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Here are some of the great updated features of the Riptide SL:
High Torque Motor (uses rare earth magnets) High Torque Motor- Our new High Torque motor utilizes rare earth magnets making it the most powerful vacuum on the market

The cord -new protective external layer – just feels so solid and durable

Cord Clip – secures the cord to the cart so no more worries of it falling off and dragging on the ground

Stainless steel endplates on the vacuum head

The cart is now e-coated before powder coating &t he Transport Rack Is e-coated now too – Electrostatic Coating- All of our powder coated parts are now electrostatic coated (ecoating) and then powder coated over. This makes the finish of our components much more durable.

Extremely high-quality integrated steering knuckle -Integrated Stainless Steel Steering Knuckle. This allows you to hook any pole directly up to the Riptide vacuum without the need for any adaptors while being effortless to maneuver in the water.

The SL model Riptides now include a Diagnostic/Tool Kit with a battery load tester, the load tester is essential for quickly determining battery condition.

The bags now have a different ring color to differentiate different microns.

The bags (100 Micron and below) are double layer now this feature is making the bags last much longer.

25 Micron Bag available (specialty dust bag) this bag can eliminate the need to system vac a pool with a dust problem.

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