Raypak Protege SF Sand Filter for an Above Ground Pool – Affordable and Easy to Install!

One thing about the above-ground pools is that almost all of the kit pools ship with very small filters. This is mainly because of the price point of the entire pool to keep the price affordable. But you wouldn’t run your in-ground 10,000-gallon pool on a small 35 sq ft filter so why would it be acceptable to run the same size body of water with such a small filter? Fortunately, Raypak has the answer with their SF Above Ground Sand Filters which are sold in 6 different sizes.
For an aftermarket filter the SF Sand Filter is a simple plug and play filter. It comes with both standard 1.5” fittings and hose connector fittings. All you need to do is open the top and add the recommended amount of sand or alternate filter media.

Here is more about the SF Series Filter:
The Raypak Protege SF Sand Filter without pump, is an easy to operate, reliable sand pool filter. Constructed of a one-piece rotomolded tank of high-impact resistant polymers that is unaffected by UV rays or temperature extremes. On top of the SF filter is a high-flow multi-port valve with union connections. A clean/dirty pressure gauge is easy to read, and the oversized valve handle and drain plug are easy to operate. Connect your above-ground pump, you are ready to roll.

The Raypak Protege SFP Sand Filter System comes with the Protege SF sand filter and an AGP above ground pool pump. The SFP makes installation simple and comes with a pre-installed plumbing package and sturdy base for mounting pump and filter. A complete aboveground filter system, the only thing missing is the filter sand; which can be purchased separately and included with your order.

Please select below from Protege Sand Filters Only, or Protege Filter Systems, complete with Filter, Pump, Pipe, and Mounting Base.

Filter Sizing: We have five Raypak SF filter tank sizes, and recommend an upsize for every 5,000 gallons of pool water, for best results and longest filter cycles. The 14″ filter is suitable for 5000 gal pools, the 16″ for 10000 gal pools, the 18″ filter for 15000 gal pools, 21″ filter for 20000 gal pools, and the 25″ filter for pools over 25000 gals.

Upsizing, or buying one size larger is recommended for pool filters. The largest Raypak sand filter systems, with the 1.5 hp pump, operate best on a pool with two suction outlets and two returns where possible. Larger sand filters can clear up adverse water conditions faster, or prevent them in the first place when the water is already over-filtered.

Filter Cleaning: Sand filter systems are backwashed clean to restore water flow. When pressure rises 7-9 psi, simply shut off the pump, roll-out your backwash hose (sold separately), turn the multiport valve to the Backwash position, and turn the pump back on to flush out dirt and debris from the filter. We recommend using a sand filter cleaner chemical each time before backwashing, adding a few ounces and soaking overnight, then backwashing the following morning.

If you are struggling with your current above ground pool and are experiencing poor water quality, upgrading the filter will go a long way in clearing it up. It will also make it easier to maintain and you will use a lot fewer chemicals each week as the larger filter will keep the water sanitized longer and keep the water cleaner. A sand filter is one of the easiest filters to operate and a good choice for an above ground pool.

These filters are so popular and affordable that Raypak has a hard time keeping them in stock.

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