Raypak Protégé CFP ABOVE GROUND POOL SYSTEM: Upgrade your Above Ground Pool to a Real Filter & Pump!

One of the biggest problems with above ground pools is that most of the time the equipment is undersized and underpowered. I’ve always wondered why a 10,000-gallon in-ground pool has a 1.5 HP pump and a 150 sq ft filter but the same above ground pool is sold with a tiny 40 sq ft filter and maybe .25 (1/4) HP pump. Huh? I think 10,000 gallons are 10,000 gallons whether in the cement or sitting on top of it. The Raypak Protégé CFP Filter system is the answer to this strange enigma.

If your having a tough time keeping your above ground pool clean and clear the problem is more than likely an undersized filter and pump. With the Raypak Protégé CFP Filter and pump combo, it will give your above ground pool exactly what it needs – a real filtration system. Dump that 40 sq ft joke of a filter and the utility pump and upgrade to a real set of equipment. Backed by a one year warranty and made by a company with over 70 years in the Industry the CFP system will make your above ground pool care simple and easy.

One of the key components for a balanced pool is the filtration. If your filter is undersized or your pump is underpowered keeping chlorine in the pool becomes a big challenge. Keeping the pool from turning cloudy or green also becomes a big challenge. You will be amazed that by just replacing your above ground pool equipment will transform your pool into a clean and safe swimming experience. You would choose your CFP system based on pool size and of course the bigger the above ground pool the bigger the CFP system.

To order online: https://www.lesliespool.com/Raypak-RPCFP150-Protege-150-ft-15-HP-Cartridge-Filter-System/RPCFP150.htm/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=spll&utm_campaign=spll

Here is more about the Raypak CFP system:
The Raypak Protege CFP Filter System comes with our AGP above ground pool pump and cartridge filter. The high-impact resistant filter tank is UV resistant and is equipped with a strong but easy-open ring-lock lid. Best of all, the Raypak CFP filter systems for above ground pools are a breeze to set up, operate, and maintain.

Conveniently sized as a 50 SF, 100 SF, 150 SF, or 200 SF cartridge filter system, there’s one for every above-ground pool size!

Compatible for use with Above Ground Pools.
Pre-Piped Plumbing System and Sturdy Filter Base for easy installation.
Equipped with a strong, easy-open Ring Lock Lid for easy cleaning and maintenance.
UV-resistant construction.
This high performing Protege cartridge filter and AGP series pool pump keep your above ground pool sparkling and swim-ready all year round.
This pre-piped system includes a cartridge filter and a Pool Pump.

Available Models:
RPCFP50 Combo
50 sq ft Cartridge Filter with
0.75 HP Single Speed Pump Model #RPAGP75

RPCFP75 Combo
75 sq ft Cartridge Filter with
1.0 HP Single Speed Pump Model #RPAGP100

RPCFP100 Combo
100 sq ft Cartridge Filter with
1.0 HP Single Speed Pump Model #RPAGP100

RPCFP150 Combo
150 sq ft Cartridge Filter with
1.5 HP Single Speed Pump Model #RPAGP150

RPCFP152 Combo
150 sq ft Cartridge Filter with
1.5 HP Dual Speed Pump Model #RPAGP152

RPCFP202 Combo
180 sq ft Cartridge Filter with
1.5 HP Dual Speed Pump Model #RPAGP152

All the parts to connect the system comes in the box including the base to mount it on. You also have both standard unions and hose connectors for the plumbing to and from your above ground pool. The motor features a convenient plug, so you can plug it directly into a GFI outlet without any need to wire the pump in. Upgrading your current above ground pool equipment couldn’t be any easier.

I like the easy set-up of this system and the fact the filter has two Inlets for an easy install. The filter feels very well made and solid and the pump appears to be of very good quality. Again, you are purchasing equipment form a major manufacturer who stands behind their products.

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