Primate Pool Tools: Carbon Fiber Pool Pole Overview Video

Primate Pool tools have been making their carbon fiber pool pole since 2014 and they now have three different models to choose from. Any of these three models would be great for your pool route depending on your need and your pool pole preference. These poles have been proven to be very well made, durable and lightweight. Here is a brief summary of each pole for you.

Primate 3X [6ft x 15.6ft Pole]
This is their flagship product and it is the strongest, lightest, and most durable pole in the Tri-pole category. The Primate 3X offers a quick and easy to use lever-lock and a double inner extension system that can reach 15 ft 6 inches.

Measurements: Collapsed length- 72”, w 2nd tube 144”, w 3rd tube 187”
Weight: 2lb, 4oz
Materials: Carbon fiber tubing with fiberglass reinforcement at stress and wear points.

Primate 2X [8 x 16ft pole]
The Primate 2X is a traditional 2 part 8 x 16 ft pole. It is compatible with the Primate X 8 ft and 6 ft extensions, and the Primate adapter. If you are currently using a 2 part pole you will love how light this pole is compared to other 8 by 16 ft poles. It is identical to its brother the P3X in strength, weight, and durability and features our flagship lever lock mechanism.

Measurements: Collapsed length – 96″, fully extended – 184″
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Materials: Carbon fiber tubing with fiberglass reinforcement at stress and wear points.

Primate 2X BETA (6 x 11 ft) Telescoping Pool Pole
The P2X BETA is identical to its brothers the P3X and 2X in strength and durability and features our flagship lever lock mechanism. However, this version (BETA) is a smaller more compact 2-part pole for those who would prefer something shorter and lighter for skimming, brushing, and tile scrubbing. This pole is also great for above ground and in-ground spas and smaller pools.

Measurements: Collapsed length – 70″, fully extended – 126″
Weight: 1 lb 14 oz
Materials: Carbon fiber tubing with fiberglass reinforcement at stress and wear points.

Primate X (6 ft & 8 ft Extensions)
Sometimes you need a little extra reach for larger pools. Save time and effort with the Primate X single extension attachment. Offering 6ft and 8 ft versions for extra reach and sturdy connection design. Simply attach the pole extension to the tool end of the Primate 2X or 3X.

Measurement: 6 ft – 70”, 8 ft – 96.5″
Weight: 1lb
Materials: Carbon fiber tubing with fiberglass reinforcement at stress and wear points.

For me, I am a big fan of the Tri-Pole and like the Primate 3X but if you are currently using an 8 x 16 ft pole the transition to the Primate 2X will be seamless. I think going from a 2-piece pole to a 3-piece pole is a big adjustment and that is why I like the fact that Primate Pool Tools make 3 different poles. The 2X Beta is a great compact pole for spas and small poles. I really think there is a market for this little guy and it is more than just a nitch pole. I have several accounts where the 2X Beta is just the perfect size. Regardless, there is a pole for your needs and all of these are excellent choices.

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