Primate Pole Bottom Feeder Adapter: Carbon Fiber 24″ Quick Connection Pole!

When I was a kid I always got excited when two comic book superheroes would team up in the issue, a crossover as they call it today. That is what it felt like when I got the Primate Bottom Feeder Adapter and used it with the Bottom Feeder Vacuum. Two great companies coming together to create an enhanced Bottom Feeder experience. You can find the Primate Adapter here:

What is the Primate Adapter? It is a short 30” carbon fiber pool pole with 24” of the usable pole with a standard pool pole attached to it. If you have a Bottom Feeder Vacuum System the battery needs to be attached to your pool pole each time. The manufacturer of the Bottom Feeder has addressed this with their Portability Kit found here:

With the Primate Adapter, you can use it with the Portability Kit or without it. You would leave the Primate Bottom Feeder Adapter on the Bottom Feeder Vacuum head itself and then you can attach the battery to the Primate Adapter and now there is no need to keep removing the battery and putting it on your pool pole at each use. A real time saver for sure!

Here is more on the adapter:
The Primate Pool Tools bottom feeder adapter is an incredibly lightweight and strong alternative to the aluminum adapters available for the Bottom Feeder Vacuum! At 2 ft, it weighs just 7 oz and is every bit as strong as our flagship Primate Poles and Extensions! It features our simple snap lock system to attach and remove your service pole quickly and securely. It comes stock with stainless steel butterfly clips and is compatible with any pool service pole.

Measurement: 24”
Weight: 7 oz
Materials: Carbon fiber tubing with fiberglass reinforcement at stress and wear points.

If you have the Portability Kit I suggest getting this and switching out the small aluminum pole as the Primate Adapter weighs just 7-8 oz which will make the Bottom Feeder Portability Kit that much lighter. I just like the strength and lightweight aspect of the Primate Adapter. If you don’t have the Portability Kit this would be a great pole to get.

More on the Bottom Feeder Professional Grade Cordless Vacuum System:
The Bottom Feeder is a revolutionary pool cleaning system that combines innovative technology with lightweight flexibility. Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, The Bottom Feeder requires no hoses or lines – which saves you time and gives you the mobility and flexibility needed to vacuum pools in minutes. Designed by professionals for professionals, The Bottom Feeder is durable and effective and vacuums in as little as 4″ of water.

No more heavy batteries or long cables tangling and cluttering up the job. The Bottom Feeder’s high-powered lithium-ion battery pack weighs in at around 4 lbs. with a 2 hour runtime, freeing you up from bulky carts and giving you the mobility and speed to finish the job faster.

Picks up leaves, twigs, and even coins in as little as 4″ of water.

No more second trips to the truck – The Bottom Feeder is light enough to carry to every pool, just in case.

With its modular design, The Bottom Feeder has easy to replace parts that can be serviced in minutes if needed. The on-the-spot battery pack plugs into The Bottom Feeder’s head and in seconds you are off and running.

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