PoolRx Guide For Your Pool Service Accounts: Installation, Sizing and Cautions

PoolRx is an effective way to enhance the chlorine in your customer’s pools but there are some things you need to know before you drop one in the skimmer or pump basket. It is of course not a magic bullet so using it in a pool that is more balanced will get the best results.

PoolRx is a Mineral Technology that does two very simple things when used in your pool or spa; it eliminates all algae and will allow you to use less chlorine during the pool season. The active ingredient is Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate (chelated).

What Chelated means is that the metals in the PoolRx have been bonded to form two coordinated bonds similar to what Metal Sequestering Agents do. This means that the Metal Ions will remain in the PoolRx unit with no metal ions being introduced into the pool or spa water. PoolRx is Chelated so the metal ions stay within the PoolRx unit itself.

Make sure that you choose the right size PoolRX unit so that the treatment will be effective. You can place it either in your skimmer or pump basket. When you first insert the unit run your pool for 3-4 hours. Then run it the normal cycle to get at least one full cycle of water from the pool, into the filter, and back into the pool again. The PoolRx unit should last 4-6 months.

It is important not to add the PoolRx Unit to a pool if the chlorine level is over 3.0 ppm especially if it will be used the same week you install the PoolRX in the pump or skimmer. This is particularly a caution for blonde hair swimmers as the high chlorine will react with the copper in the PoolRx unit and cause the hair to get a green tint. This happens only when you first put a poolRx in and the chlorine is higher than 3.0 ppm. To avoid this never put a PoolRX unit in the weekend of pool use and make sure the chlorine level is below 3.0 ppm

You should also check to see if there is existing copper in the pool water. The copper level needs to be at zero ppm. If there is any copper in the water the PoolRx unit should not be introduced. First, use a CuLator 4.0 and a metal sequestering agent for 30 days. Then you can safely introduce the PoolRx in the pool once the copper level is at zero.

PoolRx is ideal for a saltwater pool also. It will extend the life of your salt cell as you run the system at a lower output while PoolRx is present in the pool, typically 50% less output. PoolRx minerals also include a de-scaler that will prevent scale from attaching to the salt cell meaning less cleaning of the cell is needed. Also since it is generating less, the pH won’t rise as high requiring less acid to be added to the pool.

You can also use PoolRx to clear up a green pool. Just remember that a lot of the minerals will be used up in clearing up the pool so a Booster Pack will be needed.

For step by step instructions in clearing up a green pool: http://poolrx.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/PoolRX-Green-to-CleanWEB.pdf

For the Pool Service Professional PoolRx is something that you would add on and charge your customers for. Customers differ and some may want a detailed explanation of what PoolRx does and is while others will not mind at all. To help in this PoolRx has a section on their website dedicated to Pool Service Professionals. You must register first and then you will have access to documentation and form letters that you can send to your customers.

If you are a Pool Service Professional and need the form letters to help sell PoolRx to your customers go to their website and register your business or use the password below.

Password: Profits
Login: http://poolrx.com/commercial-section/

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