Poolife NST Extended Release (Slow Dissolving) Cal Hypo Tablets

One of the drawbacks of Cal Hypo tablets is that after 1 day they would be fully dissolved. So there was no real way to use them in place of 3” Trichlor tablets to release chlorine slowly over the course of a week. But the Poolife NST Cal Hypo tablet is an exception to this and it is designed to slowly dissolve over the course of one week. So you can now use these NST tablets as a direct replacement for Tri-Chlor tablets.

One critical thing to note is that you never want to introduce any Cal-Hypo tablet in a Tri-chlor feeder or Tri-Chlor floater. Mixing these two chemicals together will cause an explosion. Because Cal Hypo has such a high pH (over 9) you can use them directly in a pool skimmer without any harmful effects on the pool equipment. Poolife actually has two types of NST tablets, one for skimmer use and one for feeder and skimmer use.

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Here are the two different NST Cal Hypo Tablet products:

Poolife® NST® Tablets (for skimmer use)
NST® is an alternative to 3″ tablets and does not contain cyanuric acid. Perfect for use in a skimmer, this product will destroy bacteria and organic contaminants without over-stabilizing your pool water or adding additional cyanuric acid to your water. Each long-lasting tablet will continuously sanitize your pool in the skimmer for up to one week! This product is an innovative, proprietary technology that provides a long-lasting, slow-dissolving chlorination sanitization level.

Useful Tips:
Use only in pools with a skimmer and skimmer basket. Skimmer basket must be free of all other water treatment products before adding this product.

Place the tablet(s) in the empty skimmer basket. Replace with a new tablet as needed.
For optimum product performance, swimmer comfort, and crystal clear water, always maintain pH from 7.2 – 7.6, total alkalinity from 60-120 ppm, calcium hardness above 200 ppm, and free available chlorine residual between 1-4 ppm.

Best used with poolife® Algae Ban II algaecide and poolife® Quick Swim Oxidizer.
Compatible with chlorine, salt chlorine generators, ozone, and mineral systems.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 4 lbs. / 10 lbs. / 20.6 lbs. / 44 lbs.

Poolife® NST® Feeder Tablets
These slow-dissolve cal hypo tablets were specifically formulated for use in the poolife® NST® Tablet Feeder. They contain a stain and scale inhibitor and are packaged in modular pails for easy identification on the shelf. Just like the NST® skimmer-fed tablets, these will destroy bacteria and organic contaminants without over stabilizing the pool or adding additional cyanuric acid.

Useful Tips:
NST® Feeder is for residential pools only up to 50,000 gallons
Follow poolife® NST® Feeder operating manual for specific tablet use
Do not mix these tablets with any other chlorine sanitizer product

Ask your professional poolife® Dealer about the NST® Tablets Feeder specifically for use with these tablets

Available Sizes:14.9 lbs./ 24.9 lbs. / 49.4 lbs.

If you are interested in purchasing the Poolife Cal Hypo Tablets and the Feeder at wholesale bulk pricing, please contact:

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