Pool Service Software (PSS) Routing and Invoicing Software for Your Pool Service Route: Try it Free!

PSS or Pool Service Software is the newest pool routing and invoicing software to hit the market. It is designed by two pool guys and a programmer to fit the specific needs of pool service businesses. This is one software/app that is designed with the pool service pro in mind.

It does a ton of things for you to help you stay organized and to help with streamlining your invoicing. The best part is that you can basically try it for free for an unlimited time with 10 accounts or fewer. Here are some of the great features below. To learn more visit their website and sign up at https://www.poolservice.software/

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Quickly manage and track your routes from a web browser or the mobile app.

Configure which readings, checklists, and dosages are shown and required for your techs to complete

Techs can take photos and/or videos during service visits and classify them as Before, After or Internal. The photos/videos marked as Internal are only seen by your company’s management team.

No need to purchase additional software for invoicing! Manage all your invoices on the web or from your mobile device, record payments, send electronic invoices to clients, and receive online payments for your hard work!

GPS NAVIGATION & GEO-LOCATION Verify tech’s check-in location through our Geolocation feature

ROLES & PERMISSIONS Assign one or more roles to each team member to control system access. Also, make specific privilege assignments to techs, e.g. show/hide client phone numbers, enable/disable Master Tech privileges to see all company routes, etc.

OFFLINE SUPPORT Techs can complete service visits without internet access along with all the readings, checklists, dosages, photos, videos, notes, etc. for the service visit.

VISIT HISTORY LIST Easily access your company’s past service route and job visits including all the visit data such as service dates, readings, readings history, checklists, dosages, dosages history, photos, videos, notes, etc.

CLIENT PORTAL Send invitations to join the client portal. Your clients will be able to see all their invoices and pay online

CHEMICAL READINGS AND DOSAGES HISTORY Easily access the chemical readings history for a property while performing service visits straight from your mobile device to help your techs make better servicing decisions.

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