POOL REFRESH Adds a Fresh Flower Scent to Your Pool and Reduces Dry Skin!

One of the side effects of swimming is that your skin may get dried out by being in the water for long periods of time. I always thought it would be a great product idea if there was something you could add to your pool before swimming that would prevent this. Turns out there is. InSPAration is a company that has been around since 1975 and specialized in those little spa scents that you see on the pool store counters. InSPAration now makes a product for your pool called Pool Refresh which has a moisturizer in it that prevents dry skin after swimming.

Here is more from the manufacturer:

This inSPAration Pool Water Freshener and Moisturizer is the perfect weekly treatment to keep your skin moisturized and your swimming pool fresh and clean.
Pool Chemical Features
Reduces the effects of pool water hardness
Leaves skin and hair feeling soft and moisturized
Mask chlorine or chemical odors in the swimming pool
Keep pools fresh all year long
The perfect weekly treatment for swimming pools
Dosage: 5oz for Every 15,000 Gallons
20oz Bottle

“This inSPAration Pool Water Freshener and Moisturizer is great for keeping your pool fresh all year long by masking chlorine and chemical odors, without affecting your water chemistry. It has a skin moisturizer in the formula to reduce irritation while making your skin feel soft and moisturized. Each bottle contains a one-month supply for the average swimming pool. Add directly into skimmer weekly or after every chemical treatment.”

In my testing of the product, I found that the flowery scent was the real deal. It wasn’t overpowering in any way, but you can smell it when you stood next to the pool. The scent alone to me is a big selling point. This is perfect for those pool parties and you only need to add it about 1 hour before. I also like the fact that you need only 5 oz per 15,000 gallons each week which means one bottle should last you a month if you have an average size pool.
You can find the Pool Refresh online and also at your local Leslie’s Pool Supplies location.
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