Pool Pro Magazine: Pool Business 101 – Interview with Megan Kendrick

Pool Pro Magazine was launched in 2012, PP is committed exclusively to reporting vital market research and practical tips to aid pool professionals in the day-to-day operation of their businesses. PoolPro focuses solely on the swimming pool industry, furthering the commitment of Kendrick Content to cover the hot tub and swimming pool markets as separate entities.

I discuss with Megan Kendrick some aspects of a pool business so I think it would fitting here to discuss how to get started in the business.

When I first started in the pool business back in 1988 there was not really any help or information on starting a pool business effectively. There wasn’t much technology back then, so you basically just got a truck and equipment and started. No YouTube, no online forums, no real trade publications (except for Service Industry News). Fast forward to 2019 and we have all the information at our fingertips, but still knowing how to start a pool business is still a mystery to many.

I will just go over some of the basics for you here so that you will at least know where to begin. The first step is to make sure that this is something that you want to do as a career. Note that you will be working outside in the elements and it can get cold, hot and very windy making the job not as glamorous as it appears. It is also physical work and you will be doing some heavy lifting as well as a lot of walking. And last, you will need some good interpersonal skills as you will be dealing with customers on a regular basis.

The actual start-up cost for a pool service is low and you can get all of the necessary equipment and supplies for less than $2,000. Then you would need a reliable truck or van and you are all set to go. Well, except for the licensing in your area and certification. These are the things that not too many people think about and are needed to start your service legally.

In many cities and counties, you will need a business license to do pool service. Depending on your state they may require you to be CPO (Certified Pool and Spa Operator) or at the least certified through the state. You won’t be able to get a business license until you are CPO Certified and, in the states, where the certification is not needed for residential pools, you will need it for Commercial Accounts.

Some counties also require you to pass a background check and a Live Scan and some cities will require you to have a Home Occupational Permit to work out of your home. Each region is different so check with your local city and county of the requirements for a Pool Service Business License.

There is also a limit on doing repairs in most states, here in Ca. the limit is $500 in total cost without a license. The license you will need is called a D-35 and you can get this contractor license after you have 4 years of experience and a contractor or like person sponsors you. You can certainly do small repairs and installations as part of your service and many pool service companies simply refer out the larger repairs anyway. So, this is not a critical aspect nor should it deter you from starting your pool service business.

You will need a business license to open a wholesale account at your local pool wholesale location. In my area, this is through Pool Corp with the branch warehouses are known as SCP and Superior Pool Products. PEP or Pool & electrical Products are also in a lot of areas. Leslie’s Pool Supplies will also let you purchase products at a wholesale price. Just check in your local area for the nearest pool wholesale outlet and open an account to get wholesale pricing.
You may also want to join my coaching program where I can help you further as you set up your pool service business and I can answer your questions on a more one to one basis. Since there are many aspects of starting from taxes to billing the coaching program I have set up will better assist you if you are serious about moving forward. To learn more about my coaching program you can go to this site: https://poolguycoaching.com/

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