POOL CLARIFIER vs. POOL FLOCCULANT: When Should You Use Them? | Swim University

If you’ve got cloudy pool water, should you use pool clarifier or pool flocculant? While they both help with regular pool maintenance and they both clear up a cloudy pool, it’s important to know which one to use for your inground and above ground pool

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Safety for Children With Backyard Pools

Having your own pool is quite the luxury – you don’t have to leave your home to cool down or have fun with your family and friends. Having a pool, however, can also be quite the hazard if your children aren’t protected in the best ways possible.

What Do Hot Tub Ozonators Do?

Ozonators are a method of improving the cleanliness of the hot tub. They create a special gas, inducing it into the spa water to break down various substances in the water, such as soap and lotion.

How to Upgrade The Different Parts Of A Spa

Hot tubs add an enjoyable element for entertainment to any home. Manufacturers design the spas so that they are durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. The technology in each component advances every few years. Homeowners who maintain a spa will need to replace some parts inside the unit from time to time.

Application of Chlorine Granules for Your Hot Tub

Consumers with a hot tub need to be aware of the right maintenance applied to their tub for a longer functionality. While many are happy to use the hot tub on various occasions, there is a need to keep it clean for a longer lasting function. The best way to ensure that the hot tub is well maintained is to use chlorine granules in the cleaning.

Securing Accurate Knowledge on Bromine Tablets

Spas, pools and hot tubs need to be maintained regularly to ensure a continuous healthy functioning. There is a need to apply a good sanitizer to these entities that bring much pleasure to consumers.

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