Polaris Quattro Sport and Quattro P40 Not Moving: Complete Cleaner Troubleshooting and Rebuild Video

The Polaris Quattro Sport and the P40 (Shown in this video) are one in the same cleaner but with a different color scheme and market sector. Both are only available at your local retail pool store or from your pool service provider and the white Quattro P40 is sold out of Leslie’s Pool Supplies. Regardless of which model you have the Quattro is a truly awesome pressure side cleaner.

If you are on the fence about buying one of these units and think they may be over complicated, watch the video and see how easy it is to change out the parts. For me it was one of the easiest Polaris Cleaners to work on. I go over changing basically every wear part in the video and here I will go over what every part does so that you will have a guide to go along with the video.

Check System First:
Because of the nature of how a pressure side cleaner works, check to make sure both the system pump (main pool pump) and the booster pump (cleaner pump) are set to come on at the same time. The main pump if it is a VS pump should be running at a higher speed, around 2200 RPM or greater is acceptable. If the system pump and booster pump are not set to turn on at the same time the Quattro will not move.

Check the Quick Disconnect:
Make sure the Quattro has enough water going to it. Sometimes the black dot pressure relief valve is open or cracked. Typically, it should be closed if you have a ¾ hp booster pump connected to the Quattro. Also, check the debris screen in the line to make sure it is free of debris. When you clean your filter or if your filter grids or cartridges have tears in them, debris can get into the booster pump line and clog up the screen. If the screen is clogged the cleaner will not move.

Polaris Quattro Sport Gearbox Assembly | R0837300:
Like the MX8 and MX6 cleaners which use one or two Direction Devices the Gearbox Assembly is very similar in nature to that part and it will be the main part, you will be replacing on the Quattro. It is the part that turns and pivots the cleaner and since it is constantly turning and pivoting in the pool you can expect the gears in here to wear down. If you see the Quattro not turning in the pool that would be the part I would suspect needs replacing.

Polaris Quatro Sport Drive Shaft Assembly | R0837500:
The Dive Shaft Assembly looks very buff and robust compared to the one found on the Polaris 280 but then again, the Quattro does do a lot of wall climbing and is a much heavier cleaner. I suspect even though the Drive Shaft Assembly looks strong it will eventually wear out as it constantly is spinning the wheels. If you notice the Quattro not moving fast or moving well, see if the teeth on the drive shaft are worn down.

Polaris Quattro Sport Wheel | R0837000
On each wheel is a set of jagged teeth which either is grabbed by the driveshaft or the Engine Assembly and these teeth will eventually wear down. Again, if you check the driveshaft and it looks fine, check the teeth on each of the wheels for wear. If the teeth are worn down the Quattro will not move. Also, check the bearings in each wheel, there are 2 in each wheel. If they are broken or worn down the cleaner will move slowly.

Polaris Quattro Sport Axle | R0837100
Since the cleaner does a lot of wall climbing and bouncing off of stairs and such in your pool, don’t be surprised if one of the plastic axles may snap or crack. If the wheels feel especially wobbly the cleaner may have a broken axle. These are easy to replace and affordable.

Polaris Quattro Sport Engine Assembly with O-Ring | R0837200
This is what drives the Quattro as all of the parts come together to move the cleaner. Much like the Engine in the Zodiac MX8 or MX6 cleaner, when the engine wears out the other parts will not spin well and you will notice the Quattro moving slowly in the pool. Replacing the engine will get everything moving again.

Of course, there are other parts that can wear but knowing basically how the cleaner moves will give you a better understanding of what parts to replace. Polaris Quattro Sport Gearbox Assembly | R0837300 turns the cleaner. Polaris Quattro Sport Engine Assembly with O-Ring | R0837200 brings many of the moving parts together to create movement. Polaris Quatro Sport Drive Shaft Assembly | R0837500 spins the wheels to move the cleaner. Any parts attached to these main parts that fail will stop or slow down the Quattro.

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