POLARIS Quattro P40 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Review

The Polaris P40 is the sister cleaner to the Polaris Quattro Sport and it is the first real update of the Polaris Pressure Side Cleaner in over 40 years. Over the years Polaris has tweaked the design of the Polaris by changing the drive from a drive shaft to a belt and then to a chain, but the basic 3-wheel design stayed the same. The Polaris P40 is a huge leap forward in Pressure Side Cleaners.

The P40 is sold exclusively at Leslie’s Pool Supplies and is backed by Leslie’s 2-year warranty program. They offer rebates at the beginning of each season and typically it is $200 off the retail price, making the price of the P40 very reasonable. You are getting a lot of cleaner when you invest in the P40.

There is a lot to like about the new P40 including the sleek design of the cleaner. With the internal debris canister, the cleaner looks very clean as it works its way around the pool. No more unsightly debris bag full of dirt and leaves on top. The four-wheel compact design also allows the cleaner to clean the entire pool including the floors, walls and the waterline. This is the only Pressure Cleaner that can do this.

Here are some of the great new features of the P40:

Active Brushing
Equipped with rotating brushes that actively scrub and scour floors, walls and the waterline —P40 penetrates deep to remove fine, stuck-on debris.

Aggressive Wall Climbing
P40 boasts 4WD agility, enabling unmatched climbing to ensure superior cleaning from floor to waterline.

Dual-Stage Filtration
From leaves and acorns to sand and silt, the dual-stage filtration system collects both large debris and fine particulates.

Large Easy-Clean Debris Canister
P40 replaces the customary filter bag with a large capacity easy-clean debris canister and transparent window — allowing users to see when the canister is full, so they can simply remove, shake, and spray the canister clean.

Multi-Directional Navigation
Engineered to turn on a dime, its innovative navigation technology ensures quick, efficient and complete cleaning coverage for the entire pool.

Looking at the Polaris P40 you will see a great combination of Polaris/Zodiac technology. It has a scrubbing brush on the front just like a robotic pool cleaner and a canister debris chamber taken right from their robotic cleaner line. Then you have the scrubbing assembly of the MX-8 Elite cleaner to give the P40 better traction on the walls and floor.

Instead of an external back-up valve, the P40 features an internal Directional Control Device that spins the cleaner out of the corner and step areas. This is also taken from the MX-8 Elite cleaner. The cleaning time and pattern are much tighter without the 30 second back up cycle every 2 minutes which means the P40 can run for a shorter time and clean a pool much more effectively.

Combine all of this with the large debris opening and 3 Venturi of the Polaris Pressure Cleaners and you have the most innovative cleaner on the market today.

The Polaris P40 requires a separate booster pump installed in the equipment area. If you are upgrading from an existing Pressure Side Cleaner the P40 will work fine as it uses the same wall adapter and booster pump as your old cleaner. The Polaris P40 is sold only at your local pool store or you can purchase it from your local pool service provider. It is not sold online.

To learn more: https://www.swimmingpoollearning.com/polaris-p40-cleaner

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