POLARIS P39 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Review

The Polaris P39 is the sister cleaner to the Polaris 3900 Sport. It is a solid premium pressure side cleaner for your pool and is designed to last for years without parts or servicing. The P39 is sold exclusively at Leslie’s Pool Supplies and is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Here is more about the P39 from Polaris:

Combining legendary performance, incomparable convenience, and unmatched power to ensure cleaner, clearer pool water, the Polaris P39 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner is the perfect addition to your swimming pool. Suitable for use with in-ground swimming pools of all surface types this cleaner sweeps and scrubs the pool’s floor and walls with ease. The Polaris P39 is powered by a booster pump (not included) that allows the cleaner to easily pick up leaves, pebbles, and acorns.

The Polaris P39 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner is designed to bring your pool the most power of any cleaner by supplementing the pool’s filtration system by circulating an additional 40 gallons of water per minute through its dual-chamber zippered SuperBag to distribute cleaner, healthier water back into your pool. This results in more even temperature throughout the pool and brings you healthier pool water in less time. its all-wheel PosiDrive system with a durable stainless steel drive chain delivers up to 50% more torque for a faster clean, better maneuverability, and fewer hang-ups.

Pool Cleaner Features:
Pressure side pool cleaner
Suitable for use with in-ground pools
Works with all pool surfaces
All-Wheel PosiDrive with Stainless Steel Chain
WideTrax Tires
Dual Chamber SuperBag Debris Bag
Includes: Dual Chamber SuperBag Debris Bag and TailSweep PRO Scrubber (with 3 extra Scrubbers)

Not that the P39 will require a dedicated Cleaner Pump/Booster Pump installed at the equipment area. The cleaner works off of a dedicated return line powered by the Cleaner Pump and if you have an existing pressure side cleaner the P39 is a plug and play type upgrade. Simply disconnect your old pressure cleaner and plug the P39 into the threaded wall fitting.

To me, the best feature of the P39 is that Polaris sells an entire rebuild kit for the cleaner for around $150.00. This means that after 5-6 years when the chain and bearings start to wear out, you simply drop in the rebuild kit and you essentially have an entirely new cleaner. Not only are the original parts long-lasting but the rebuild kit makes it simple to keep this cleaner running for years to come.

When you purchase the P39 you get Leslie’s 2-year warranty which is a better warranty than the Polaris 3900 Sport comes with and you get a very nice white color scheme. I prefer the white color and the white hoses because you can see those very easily in a pool and the white color scheme will go with any pool surface color. If you are in the market for a new pressure side cleaner, the P39 would be a great choice.

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