Polaris EPIC 8642 iQ Robotic Pool Cleaner – Compact Design & Cleans Floor, Walls and the Waterline!

Polaris has always been a top robotic pool cleaner manufacturer. Since their parent company, Fluidra acquired Aqua Products (Better known as Aquabot) I have been waiting for a merging of the two techs into one superior robotic pool cleaner. The Epic line of cleaner is surely this. Compact, powerful, and super smart, these cleaners are part of the next generation of Polaris cleaners.
There are 3 models with the Epic 8642 iQ being the top-of-the-line model. It features in-app control and if your budget allows this would be the model of choice. The compact size can be deceptive as this cleaner really is a workhorse and is suitable for larger pools. I also like the included transport and storage caddy.

About the Epic 8642 iQ from Polaris:
Power, Agility, and Convenient Control
Why wait around for your pool cleaner at home when you can clean your pool regardless of where you are… With the convenience of iAquaLink® app control for on-the-go cleaning and remote control capabilities, the Polaris EPIC 8642 iQ offers enhanced maneuverability with a tighter turn radius and greater agility to propel the cleaner up walls and over obstacles. A new advanced Double Helix brush design helps channel dirt toward the inlet for superior debris collection as it scrubs your pool’s floor, walls, and waterline while powerful cyclonic vacuum technology enables the cleaner to maintain strong suction for thoroughly outstanding results. Equipped with hassle-free features that make maintenance easy, the Polaris EPIC 8642 iQ is a robust robotic cleaner that gets the job done.

iAquaLink Control – Anytime, anywhere control with WiFi access via the iAquaLink app.

Cyclonic Vacuum Technology – Powerful cyclonic cleaning action collects dirt and debris without losing suction.

Unmatched Maneuverability ™ – Dual traction motor enables brushes to rotate independently for enhanced maneuverability and wall climbing.

Double Helix Brushes – Front and rear brushes featuring a patent-pending bristle design that helps channel dirt and debris to the inlet.

Proprietary Easy Lift Removal System – Retrieve at the waterline. Water evacuates for lightweight removal.

60-Foot Cable with Tangle-Reducing Swivel – Low-torque, watertight swivel keeps the cable from tangling during operation.

Large Filter Canister with Transparent Lid – Easy to access, large debris canister with transparent window takes the guesswork out of knowing when to empty the canister.

Premium Caddy – Durable caddy delivers ease of transport and storage.

Dual Cleaning Modes – One-touch, on-demand cleaning cycles of either the floor or the floor, walls, and waterline.

Track Wheel Design – Continuous treaded wheelbase provides increased surface area for better traction while creating stronger suction beneath the cleaner.

Wi-Fi App Connectivity: Full-Featured iAquaLink Control Connection
Cable: 60 Ft. Double-Insulated Floating Cable with Tangle-Reducing Swivel
Filtration Method: Large All-Purpose Filter Canister
Remote Control: In-App
Cleaning Modes: Floor Mode or Floor, Walls, and Waterline
Drive: Tracks Drive
Vacuum Technology: Cyclonic
Easy Lift: In-app and on Control Box
Motor Technology: Dual Traction Motor enables independent rotational brush operation
Active Scrubbing: Double Helix Brushes at front and rear of the cleaner
Transport and Storage Powder-Coated Alloy Caddy (Included)
Cleaner Weight 22 Lbs. without Caddy

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