Polaris 3900 Sport AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANER Review | Swim University

Matt reviews the new Polaris 3900 Sport pressure-side automatic inground pool cleaner. He opens the box, points out some key features and installs it in an inground swimming pool to test it. Is this cleaner a Swim University Smart Buy?

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Pool Maintenance and Repairs

Outdoor pools provide for fun activities on a nice summer’s day. Calling all your closest friends over to enjoy the fresh air and a splash of cool water will almost always warrant positive responses. Arranging these gatherings may not be so simple if your once well kept pool is now leaking and filled with unappealing substances.

Facts for Maintaining a Hygienic and Healthy Spa

Relaxing in a hot tub spa is an amazing experience and is available to more people now than ever before. While enjoying and relaxing in a spa, many people often overlook the important rules that should be followed for maintenance of hygiene in a spa tub. Given below are few important tips for maintaining an infection-free hot tub and spa.

Common Pool Contaminants and How Your Pool Rids of Them

Swimming pools are often a meeting place for algae, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and other contaminants. Many sicknesses are spread through swimming pools, along with microorganisms and debris that can bother swimmers’ skin or allergies. Ways that these contaminants enter your pool include:

Gas Pool Heater Reviews – Which Pool Heater Is Best For You?

So you have decided to use your pool in the colder months and you have decided on a gas pool heater. Which one will suit you? There are so many available at many different prices with some frightening terminology attached to them, how do you pick the right one first time? It is not really that hard. Read on to find out how to decode the numbers and the jargon.

Hurlcon Pool Heaters: The Number One Choice

Recent survey shows that Hurlcon pool heaters are the number one choice of those planning to build a new swimming pool and even pool and spa operators looking to upgrade their pool heating devices. Hundreds of homeowners today also look for a reputed pool building company that they can hire to upgrade and redesign their existing family pools.

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