Pleatco Advanced ULTRA Filter Cartridge: 7 Months of Use with Amazing Results!

I always like to test products in the field in real-world situations. When I installed this Pleatco Advanced ULTRA cartridge in this filter 7 months ago the PSI on the gauge was approaching 40. After installing the ULTRA to pressure dropped to 8 PSI and stayed there for over 7 months! Pretty incredible.

Since the cartridge has only one small band at the bottom, cleaning it couldn’t be easier. You can get in between the pleats and really give the cartridge a deep cleaning. The dirt also comes right off the cartridge like nothing. No need for special cleaners or soaking the cartridge. The combination of ease of cleaning and the amazing durability of the ULTRA makes it a top replacement cartridge.

Here is what Pleatco has to say about the Advanced ULTRA cartridges:
“Over the past 5 years, Pleatco Advanced Technology has become the new standard in pool & spa filtration.

We stand behind the honest fact that all our filter cartridges featuring Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded Filtration Fabrics & Free Flow Core Technology hold more dirt, are easier to maintain, provide greater flow, save energy and last longer… and we have the research and results to prove it.

Our mantra is ‘constant improvement’ and we have continued to develop new products that leverage and enhance our 100% unique and exclusive technology.”
The Pleatco Advanced ULTRA features three of its innovative technologies all in one filter.

Point Bonded Filtration Fabric
Pleatco 4oz Point Bonded Filtration Fabric contains more fibers per unit area offering far greater volume dirt holding capacity than other filtration fabrics. With reduced pore size distribution, the fabric provides impressive turbidity reduction via unique cross filtration flow, easily and efficiently capturing dirt particles to achieve a deeper level of cleanliness and clarity than ever before. Due to uniformly placed weld spots, our unique Pleatco Point bonded fabrics are strong and robust, and return to a high state of original performance after cleaning, meaning greater usability, longer cleaning cycles, and less service time.

Free Flow Core Technology
Pleatco Advanced Filter Cartridges are constructed with precision-engineered Free Flow Cores. Our cores allow for the even flow of water through the entire cartridge which increases filtration, uses all the Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded Filtration Fabric, and makes it easier for the pump to move water through the entire cartridge. Pleatco’s Free Flow Cores are designed to be efficient, robust and save energy, money and the environment.

Pure Pleat Technology:
Pure Pleat Depth – Optimal use of the fabric surface area
Pure Pleat Stability – Ultra-strong pleats that are evenly spaced for unprecedented filtration efficiency
Pure Pleat Performance – Reliability and longer filter cleaning cycle times
Pure Cleanability – Super easy to clean and a time saver

By combining all of these features into the Advanced ULTRA cartridge, you can see why you are getting the best possible cartridge filter on the market today.

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