Orenda Technologies Online Education and Free Dosage App: An Overview of Water Quality Issues

I got the opportunity to record several podcast episodes with Harold Evans, the owner of Orenda Technologies. Orenda is an industry leader in pool water treatment and they make several products ranging from Phosphate Removers to Enzymes. They also offer many free educational opportunities and a free chemical dosage app.

If you are interested in listening to all six podcasts all covering different topics the links for those are here:
Orenda Technologies Water Quality Issues Series Part 1 of 6: Virtual Classroom and App (Episode 325): https://www.buzzsprout.com/110832/3040495
Orenda Technologies Water Quality Issues Series Part 2 of 6: Phosphates (Episode 326): https://www.buzzsprout.com/110832/3040546
Orenda Technologies Water Quality Issues Series Part 3 of 6: Enzyme Treatment (Episode 327):
Orenda Technologies Water Quality Issues Series Part 4 of 6: High CYA (Episode 328):
Orenda Technologies Water Quality Issues Series Part 5 of 6: Balancing the LSI (Episode 329):
Orenda Technologies Water Quality Issues Series Part 6 of 6: Scaling & Etching (Episode 330):

Here is more from Orenda Technologies:
“Water is a precious resource, and we strive to make it clean and beautiful. Orenda has a philosophy of minimalism and proactive pool care. Why be proactive? Because prevention is always easier than correction, and we want to help educate the pool industry and pool owners about it. The vast majority of pool issues are preventable, and that’s why we published our Four Pillars of Proactive Pool Care.

For many years, Orenda was primarily a specialty chemical manufacturer, building a business on quality, professional-grade products, and reputation. We have since evolved into an education company. We have invested heavily in building the pool industry’s leading mobile app and dosing calculator, have a library of helpful videos, and a growing list of educational articles in our blog. In 2019 we released Orenda Academy, which is another free resource for anyone to learn more about pool management.

We want to deliver the best water quality possible, with the fewest chemicals. The Orenda line of professional-grade, eco-friendly specialty pool chemicals help our customers get there. But our chemicals merely complement our program, which is a series of improved habits and behaviors to optimize water management.

Let’s stop guessing and “eyeballing it”, and instead dial in our behavior and habits. Orenda is here to help.

NSF mark, CE-clarifier, Orenda NSF
Commitment to Science and Safety
Our commitment to science and safety is unparalleled in the aquatics industry. To demonstrate that commitment, ALL of our products are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50, the recreational water standard. Orenda chemicals are powerful and concentrated, yet safe.

You can visit their website to learn more: https://www.orendatech.com/

Orenda makes the following products:

PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover
SC-1000 Scale and Metal Control
CV-600 Enzyme Water Cleaner
CV-700 Enzyme Water Cleaner + Phosphate Remover
CE-Clarifier + Enzyme
CE-Spa Clarifier
SPA-500 Pre-Drain Scrub
CV-Tile & Filter Cleaner

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