NPP (National Pool Partners) Taking Pool Service to the Next Level! Interview with Hal Denbar of NPP

NPP is an interesting concept and something never tried before in the pool service industry. In a nutshell, they are purchasing large pool service routes in the Sun Belt and essentially running them from behind the scenes. Here is more about them from their site.

Chapter Marks:
00:00 What to Expect in This Video
01:22 Hal Denbar Intro
02:14 What is NPP
07:11 NPP impact on the industry
12:24 Advantages of selling to NPP
17:20 Seller options after the sale
19:04 NPP potential plus to the industry
22:10 How NPP works when acquiring a company
25:43 Wrap Up

“National Pool Partners (NPP) is the nation’s largest multi-regional pool service company, operating as a family of brands across the Sun Belt. We partner with local businesses to provide the scale and resources of a national enterprise to better serve our customers, teammates, and partners.

National Scale. Local Brands. National Pool Partners (NPP) is the nation’s largest multi-regional pool service company, operating as a family of regional brands across the Sun Belt. We partner with local businesses to provide the scale and resources of a national enterprise to better serve our customers, teammates, and partners.”

For example, they purchased Patriot Pool & Spa in Austin from Hal Denbar who I interviewed for this podcast, and then made him Regional President, Texas. Now they are purchasing other large service routes in the area and bringing them under the Patriot Pool and Spa brand name. So essentially they are or will be the largest pool service company in Austin Texas and in any region where they purchase a large pool route.

They plan on bringing the pool service industry to another level, making it more legitimate with their philosophy and employee benefits. They will offer medical, dental, retirement plans, and life insurance and can do things on a larger scale than most pool service companies can’t do. Here is more on their culture and employee benefits.

“Safety: Employees receive best-in-class digital and on-job training. Customers trust us to be in their backyards with their families, dogs, and guests – we will never compromise on ensuring the safety of our team and customers.

Benefits & Career progression: Teammates receive industry-leading 401-k matching, health & dental benefits, life insurance, and career advancement opportunities.

Community: We strive to empower the communities we serve and encourage our teammates to do the same.”

They off the seller the opportunity to also invest in the NPP brand by joining the company at some capacity, so if the owner of the company sold is not ready to fully retire he can take an open position within NPP. This is a new way of selling a pool route ad by selling to NPP who can basically take over the route and absorb it into its brand, there is no seller training required and the transaction is quick and easy.

“NPP is brand new, and all of our Partners will be important leaders in our organization, helping to shape and influence our culture and success. You can join us on this journey by rolling some of your sale proceeds tax-free and benefit from the future upside.

We have owned and operated pool service companies, as well as some of the world’s largest route-based businesses. We have completed over 250 transactions and know how to create value for partners while growing a business to national scale.”

NPP offers something new and revolutionary to the pool service industry. They are not trying to come in and undercut single-polers nor are they a bargain-based pool service. Their overall intention is to raise the bar in the pool service industry and set a new industry standard of pool service.

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