MX6 ELITE (MX8 ELITE) Installation at a Pool with a Variable Speed Pump (VS Pump)

This is the Installation Process of the Zodiac MX6 Elite and it is also the same for the MX8 Elite. It also works for the MX8 and MX6 cleaners. The installation process is pretty easy and I go over my preferred method of installing the MX6 Elite on a pool with a Variable Speed Pump (VS Pump).

All the parts for a skimmer installation are in the box. However, if you are using the side port/ vacuum port there are two additional parts you will need.

One is a vac lock for the threaded port. This is a safety device to prevent entrapment if the cleaner hose comes loose and the pool is in use. I highly suggest installing it with one.

Here is a link for a good one:

I wish manufacturers would include this with the cleaner as many consumers use a side port when installing.

I also do not like the adapter that Zodiac includes for the side port installation. It tends to pop out when the pool is in use or can easily be pulled out. I like this adapter better – Baracuda MX8 Cleaner Leaf Catcher Hose Adaptor X77094

Here is a link for it:

This fits in the vac lock much better and the vac lock actually will latch onto it and hold it in place. Zodiac should consider including this adapter in every box.

If you are installing the cleaner at the skimmer, the Hole in One Basket is a great aftermarket product that will allow you to connect the cleaner in the skimmer and keep the skimmer basket in the skimmer. In other words, you can install the cleaner at the skimmer and keep the basket in.

I try to cover everything you will run into in the video but for the sake of time I left out what to do if the cleaner has too much suction. Not a common problem but it can happen. You can adjust the skimmer Flow Keeper Valve (Included in the box) to a lower setting but in my experience, it doesn’t do a whole lot. If I run into this problem when I am installing the cleaner I simply put in a different skimmer regulator valve. The Zodiac Flow Keeper valve is self-adjusting so you can’t really reduce the suction – the speed of the cleaner. There is also a secondary suction regulator on the cleaner head itself which also helps if there is too much suction.

So here is a regulator valve that can be easily adjusted:

If you have too little suction make sure the filter is clean and that all of the flow is going to the skimmer. You can also again replace the Flow Keeper Valve with a more adjustable one and close it off to increase suction.

From a side port, it is very easy to set the suction. Simply turn the handle until you achieve the correct wheel RPM of the cleaner.

The RPM – Wheel revolutions per minute is the most critical part of the installation. The MX6 Elite needs just the right flow to work correctly. It is a pretty sensitive cleaner so too much or too little suction will affect the cleaner’s overall performance.

I also highly suggest a leaf canister so that the pump basket does not get clogged up with debris. Zodiac makes a specific canister for the MX8 cleaners – Zodiac Cyclonic Automatic Pool Cleaner Leaf Catcher Canister.

Here is a link for the canister:

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