Metal Staining in Your Pool With Joe Laurino of CuLator

Metals in your pool and staining from metals dropping out of solution can be a big problem for pool owners and pool service techs. CuLator makes a whole slew of products that will help treat and eliminate metals from your pool water and reverse the staining.

I sat down with Joe Laurino who is the CEO and President of Periodic Products which is the parent company of the CuLator Metal Stain Eliminator and Stain Preventer products and we recorded a series of podcasts on meal staining and metal stain removal which are listed here for you.

Balancing Your Pool and Tips on When to Drain with Joe Laurino of CuLator Metal Stain Eliminator and Stain Preventer:

Fill Water Issues with Joe Laurino of CuLator Metal Stain Eliminator and Stain Preventer:

Tips for Pool Pros on Metal Staining with Joe Laurino of CuLator Metal Stain Eliminator and Stain Preventer:

Tinted Pool Water Solutions with Joe Laurino of CuLator Metal Stain Eliminator and Stain Preventer:

Metal Staining 101 with Joe Laurino of CuLator Metal Stain Eliminator and Stain Preventer:

The first step with any type of staining is to determine if it is an organic or non-organic stain. Organic stains can look a lot like a metal stain so you will need to test the area to see if the stain lifts with a vitamin C tablet as Joe suggests. If it is a metal stain then you will have to follow some simple steps to remove it and remove the metal ions from the pool water.

Here is more about the treatment and the kit includes everything you will need:
“Most pool stain treatments only include a stain treatment and metal sequestering agent. Well, that is not enough to stop the cycle of swimming pool staining. To complete the pool stain treatment process, you MUST use CuLator to ELIMINATE the metals from the water, or your stains and discoloration will return. Stain removers work to take the stains off the surface of your pool. Sequestering agents suspend the metals in water. ONLY CuLator Metal Eliminator eliminates the metals that cause the stains on your pool and spa surface.
The No-Drain Metal Stain Eliminator Kit is the CURE for pool staining! End the vicious cycle of staining with this easy-to-use kit! Includes everything you need to eliminate metal stains from your pool or spa, without draining, and keeps them from coming back! Removes iron, copper, manganese, cobalt, and many other metal stains. Helps prevent them from returning.” with CuLator Metal Eliminator Ultra 4.0. Good for all surfaces work in fresh or saltwater and has no phosphates. Also eliminates brown water and green water caused by metals!

If you are interested in the Periodic Products – CuLator No Drain Metal Stain Kit you can find it here or at your local Leslie’s Pool Supply:

About CuLator:
“CuLator is a patented polymer contained in a little bag which, when placed into the skimmer basket or the pump basket, grabs and binds stain-causing metals out of the water to prevent pool surface staining and water discoloration. CuLator eliminates stain-causing metals like iron, rust, copper, and manganese. CuLator is manufactured by Periodic Products Inc. in the USA.

CuLator® Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer is a patented technologically advanced product designed to rapidly eliminate metals from fresh and saltwater. CuLator takes conventional chelating or sequestering agent groups and binds them to a unique, insoluble, and non-toxic polymer backbone. This allows metals to be physically removed and eliminated from the pool, spa, or fountain water, rather than temporarily sequestering metals in the water. The chemistry to produce these polymers was developed over 25 years of scientific research. So, what does all that mean? CuLator does not dissolve in pool water, grabs metals out of the water and off sequestering agents, and keeps them locked inside the bag so that you can ELIMINATE the metals from your pool and spa! When metals are removed from pool and spa water, staining and water turning colors are prevented.”

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