Mako Vacuum System Bags New and Improved 2021 Version – Fits All Vacuum Systems!

Let’s face it, one of the biggest expenses of owning and using your vacuum system is the bags. Reggie of Mako Bags has been making these vacuum system bags for years now and with the recent upgrades, these bags are top-notch. They feature more stitching and a very thick cloth bottom area and the drawstring has also been beefed up.

I have been using the Mako Vacuum System Bags for a few years now and these are very good quality aftermarket vacuum systems bags at affordable pricing. There have been some changes to the micron ratings with the Standard bag now rated at 80 microns, the MX-120 is 120 microns and the MX-140 is 140 microns.

If you are currently using a 100-micron bag you will not notice much difference going to the 120-micron bag (MX-120) or down to an 80-micron bag. If you are using a 200-micron bag, I would suggest trying the MX-140 which is 140 microns and will give you the same durability plus a better micron rating. For some, the sweet spot is a higher micron bag because of the longer lifespan and the fact that there is not a lot of fine dust that even a 120-micron bag leaves behind. Truthfully you wouldn’t really see much of a difference between 80 microns and 120 microns in my testing.

These bags feature a convenient drawstring lock that is a universal fit to all vacuum systems. The bags will work on the Riptide, Bottom Feeder, Hammer-Head, and Power Vac as well as any Leaf Baggers and Leaf Master. The universal fit is great if you own more than one vacuum system as you can easily interchange the bags between the systems. You just have to put the bag on and pull the drawstring really tight to avoid the bag blowing off the top. Sometimes it helps to wet the bag and string to get it on tighter.

Reggie the owner makes the bags here in Florida and is well known in the pool industry. His bags have always been top-notch and if you have any issues with them he is happy to help you. You can order directly from their site at:

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