Lake Arrowhead “The Castle & Majestic Lake Views” – a Great Airbnb We Stayed In. Awesome Lake Views!

One of the hobbies that we like to do as a family is cinematography and whenever we travel we like to make a video of our stay. This airbnb had really great views of Lake Arrowhead as well as being an all-around great cabin to stay in. If you are planning a trip to Lake Arrowhead Ca I highly recommend this place.

Reserve The Castle & Majestic Lake Views:

My YouTube reviews don’t give me much chance to use my video skill beyond still product shots and it is always fun to film something outside of my usual pool product category. We really like using our drones whenever we can and the Mavic Air 2 drones that we utilize is a top drone in every category. If you are looking to getting into drone videography, I suggest this drone for sure. There was a lot more drone footage but this video was really focused on the house itself.

One of these days we will invest in a lake house but for now, using Airbnb is good enough for us.

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