Jazuzzi J-D300 Suction Side Cleaner Review: 3 Year Warranty and Priced at $199.00!

As far as bouncing type cleaner goes, I was surprised at how well the Jacuzzi J-D300 actually faired and would say for the price and three-year warranty it is a cleaner worth looking at. There are basically two categories of suction side cleaners, the geared type and the bouncing type like the J-D300. The 3-year warranty is an attractive feature and the fact that the cleaner actually works very well is another.

To order the J-D300: https://www.lesliespool.com/Jacuzzi-J-D300-Suction-Side-Pool-Cleaner/J-D300.htm/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=spll&utm_campaign=spll

Here is more about the J-D300:
The J-D300 includes a FREE Backup Diaphragm and 40 feet of installation hose for easier installation. This cleaner offers you strong cleaning power without the power of a booster pump and with few moving parts. No tools required, this cleaner installs in just minutes saving you time! Save on maintenance and keep your pool clear of dirt and debris with the J-D300 Suction Side Pool Cleaner!

Covers more pool are in less time than standard cleaners.
FREE Backup Diaphragm and 40-foot hose included!
Saves you on maintenance and installation time with only one moving part.

Three (3) Year Limited Warranty on Product with exclusive Leslie’s Equipment Protection Plan, see the manual for a full description of warranty claims and coverage details.

This cleaner is very similar to the Zodiac G3 and the Diaphragm looks exactly the same. So, if you already have a bouncing type cleaner in your pool this one will work just fine. I was surprised at how well it navigated around in the pool and actually worked its way out of the step areas. It does look durable also and the three-year warranty doesn’t cover the Diaphragm or the hoses but the body itself. So it is built very well to making it very long last and as a bonus, an extra Diaphragm is included!

The box includes everything you will need to set up the cleaner except for the side port Vac-Lock. This is the threaded safety self-closing fitting that you will need if you plan on installing the cleaner at a side port/vacuum port.

Vac-Lock: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088WLKQRQ/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=swimmingpooll-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=daff80e6d62d6f02595610537c26518d&creativeASIN=B088WLKQRQ

The skimmer adapter in the box can be used to connect the J-D300 to your pool skimmer directly. I would suggest an aftermarket Hole In One Basket to help prevent debris from entering through the skimmer and into the pump basket. Normally you would need to completely remove your skimmer basket but with the Hole In One basket you don’t need to. Learn more and order it here:


One of the great features of the bouncing type cleaners is that the movement of the cleaner also knocks down debris from the surface to the floor. To also prevent your pool pump basket from getting clogged up with debris I highly suggest you invest in a good in-line leaf canister. Jacuzzi makes two very good models and they fit the J-D300 hoses perfectly.


Overall for the price point, the J-D300 is a good cleaner and it will leave your in-ground or above-ground pool spotless each week.

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