Jacuzzi JVS270S 2.7 HP Variable Speed Pump A Perfect Balance of Size & Power!

The Jacuzzi JVS270S 2.7THP Variable Speed Pump is designed to deliver enough power to replace a top-tier up to 3.0 HP. The new Jacuzzi pumps not only look sharp but they are simple to use and feature dual voltage so it doesn’t matter if your equipment pad is running 115v or 230v. Also if your purchase the JVS270S at Leslie’s and have a it installed by Leslie’s you get an additional year added to the end of the manufacturer warranty period (3 years total).

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Here are some of the great features of the JVS270S
Innovative hydraulic design
Elite energy-saving pool pump
Designed for durability with chemical-resistant Viton seals
Touchless easy disposal bag
Simple retrofitting w/ two pump base options and 2″ x 2-1/2″ cpvc union connections
Fan-cooled motor, completely enclosed by a permanent magnet for maximum efficiency
High-speed performance and quieter volume
Side and rear ports for easy installation
Intuitive, rotatable control panel
Manufactured in the USA
110/220 volt
2-Year Limited Warranty
The Jacuzzi JVS270S 2.7THP Variable Speed Pump is made from high-quality materials, durable components and engineered to meet the demanding needs of pool equipment. The unique variable-speed AC motor is combined with an energy-efficient pump wet end for top-end performance. The Jacuzzi JVS270S was developed to significantly reduce operating costs, lower noise levels, and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Jacuzzi variable-speed pumps are right-sized for the majority of high-performance applications paying for themselves faster than larger, more expensive variable-speed models. TriStar VS pumps are the most energy-efficient pumps on the market, according to EPA ENERGY STAR® third-party testing. Their ENERGY STAR® rating also means owners may be eligible for local energy rebates.

Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) for 115V = 10.1 and 230V = 7.3. The higher the WEF, the more efficient the pump.

ENERGY STAR Certified and compliant with industry regulations including Title 20 and APSP 15; eligible for local utility rebates.

Install in any application: in stand-alone mode, with Hayward automation (including OmniLogic), or with competitive control systems (via relay control)
Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor offers incredible energy efficiency and reliability.

A fully programmable, digital control interface rotates to four different positions or mounts to the wall for more convenient access and viewing.

With the new DOE regulations soon to hit the nation, variable speed pumps will be your only option going forward after July 29th, 2021. I would not let the overall price point of a VS pump deter you from purchasing since you will certainly recoup all of the cost of the VS pump within the first 2 years. You will do this of course by the savings on your energy use that a VS pump will give you.

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