Jacuzzi JVS165S, JVS185S & JVS270S Variable Speed Pump Control Panel Set Up and Programming Video

Ease of programming is the key to a successful Variable Speed pump experience. If you can’t easily program and set up your VS pump it kind of defeats the purpose of having such a cutting-edge piece of technology. Fortunately, the new line-up of Jacuzzi VS pumps is super easy to set up and program. If you watch the video I walk you through all the key points.

The control panel is set up with four easy-to-program speed buttons and unlike it’s predecessor this pump features a programmable “Time Out” or “Quick Clean Mode.” A super important feature for the pool pro and homeowner alike. It also features a built-in Freeze Protect Mode so in low temperatures the pump will turn on and run to prevent damage from freezing.

Here is more on the JVS Line-up of pumps:
Jacuzzi has a new line-up of Variable speed pumps and they are now available at your local Leslie’s Pool Supply. These VS pumps have been designed with the new Department of Energy (DOE) regulations in mind and all of them meet the new standards. They also feature a lot of other upgrades and there are currently 3 models to choose from. There are the new Jacuzzi JVS Series pumps:

JVS270 is a 2.7 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 12.9 WEF
JVS185 is a 1.85 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 10.1 WEF
JVS165 is a 1.65 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 10.7 WEF

All of these pumps are dual voltage which means they will work with either 115 volts or 230 volts. So if you have an older pool that is wired on a 110 v breaker, you can use any of these three pumps as the voltage is automatically modulated. I would suggest the JVS165 or the JVS185 to utilize the total hp rating of these pumps. The JVS270 will be throttled down to about 1.5 hp when connected at a 110 v breaker.

All three pumps are also automated ready so all you need to do is connect the Comm wires to your particular automated system. They come factory set to connect directly with Hayward Automation. For the others, you may need an adapter sold separately. But the simple fact that you can connect these pumps to your existing automation is a real game-changer.

They are also backed by a 3-year warranty and a 4-year warranty for the JVS270 so rest assured you are getting a quality product.

The pool pump can be the highest energy hog in your house, passing your Air Conditioner and Refrigerator just by the sheer amount of hours it runs each day. If you have a 1 ½ or 2 HP pump installed and you run it 8 hours per day, not to get into complicated conversions of kWh (Kilowatt Hours) and how you are charged each month by your Electric Company, just imagine it as having on Twenty 100 watt light bulbs every hour it is running. That is a lot of electricity each day and if your bill is tiered by usage, meaning the more you use the more you are charged, your bill can get very high very quickly. On average a pool pump will be about 40% of your total electricity bill each month.

So the best way to save money is to cut into your monthly electricity bill and that is exactly what a VS pump does. Simply put, your standard pump runs at 3450 RPM (Rotations Per Minute) which is about 1800-2000 watts. A VS Pump can be set to different RPM and at every lower RPM the total wattage used is lowered. So just lowering the VS Pump down to 2100 RPM, cuts the watts down to 685 watts. At 2100 RPM the water will appear to flow just as strong as a standard pump running at 3450 RPM. Cut it down even lower to 1200 RPM and you are down to 165 watts. So instead of having twenty 100 watt light bulbs running you only have a little over one light bulb running each hour. This is the reason your electric bill can be cut almost in half by simply installing a VS Pump.

So if you are thinking of switching to a VS pump to save on your energy cost the Jacuzzi line-up would be a great choice.

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