Jacuzzi JVS165S 1.65 HP VS Pump Overview – Dual Voltage, Automation Ready & a Great Starter VS Pump!

The Jacuzzi JVS165S Pro Grade Variable Speed Pump 1.65 THP provides the highest quality and exceptional performance to meet your swimming pool’s needs. If you have a 115V setup and are currently using a 1 hp single-speed pump, this would be the perfect pump to upgrade to.
It has plenty of power for most pool setups and it is simple to use and program.

The 1st generation of Jacuzzi pumps lacked a few features such as connectivity to automation and a time-out mode. Two things that were very important to homeowners. The new Jacuzzi VS Pumps feature all of that and more.

This pump is very simple to program and set up when compared to the former Jacuzzi pump. It also features a smart “Time Out” mode which makes turning on the pump and circulating the pool when adding chemicals easy. Overall you will find the menu and features easy to use and setting the pump run time couldn’t be easier.

Here are the three pumps available in the line-up:
JVS270 is a 2.7 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 12.9 WEF
JVS185 is a 1.85 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 10.1 WEF
JVS165 is a 1.65 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 10.7 WEF

All of these pumps are dual voltage which means they will work with either 115 volts or 230 volts. So if you have an older pool that is wired on a 115V breaker, you can use any of these three pumps as the voltage is automatically modulated. I would suggest the JVS165 or the JVS185 to utilize the total hp rating of these pumps. The JVS270 will be throttled down to about 1.5 hp when connected at a 115V breaker.

All three pumps are also automated ready so all you need to do is connect the Comm wires to your particular automated system. They come factory set to connect directly with Hayward Automation. For the others, you may need an adapter sold separately. But the simple fact that you can connect these pumps to your existing automation is a real game-changer

Innovative hydraulic design and quiet operation
Transparent strainer cover for easy cleaning
Industry-leading energy efficiency
Manufactured in the USA

Simple retrofitting w/ pump base options and 1-1/2″ x 2″ PVC union connections
The fan-cooled motor is completely enclosed by a permanent magnet
Ports on sides and rear for easy installation
The intuitive control panel can be rotated or removed and mounted to the wall
JVS165S is part of the most energy-efficient line of pumps, according to EPA Energy Star
110/220 volt
2-Year Limited Warranty

This elite energy-saving variable speed pool pump can significantly reduce electricity costs. Designed for durability and built with chemical-resistant Viton seals, the JVS165S protects against corrosion and is backed by an industry-leading 2-Year Limited Warranty. The no rib strainer basket makes debris removal easy!

If you purchase this pump and have Leslie’s install it or a Leslie’s Pro partner install it, you will receive one additional year on the warranty making it a 3-year total warranty.

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