Jacuzzi JSCS40 Salt System: Up to 40K Gal & 15,000 Hour Life- No Acid is Needed to Clean the Cell!

I am a big fan of salt water systems, known also as Saltwater generators (salt water chlorine generators), and would recommend anyone who is interested in making their pool care easier to invest in one. There are a few things that make the new Jacuzzi JSCS40 Salt System and Cell for pools up to 40,000 gallons even easier. The cell can be cleaned by using an included plastic stick and no acid is required. I will say that again, no soaking in acid is required. The system also does not use a flow or temp sensor eliminating two common points of system failures.

Pool salt system and salt cell for pools up to 40,000 gallons
new 15,000 hours extended life plate
Clear cell housing to easily inspect cell plates
Clean with zero acid – cell plates are completely removable for easy cleaning
Easy to read design for the control unit
Heavy-duty custom cleaning tool included
Manufactured in the USA
3-Year Equipment Protection Plan Warranty

The metal plates in a Powerclean Salt cell are each individually powered. Competing products have plates crammed close together so that they can “share” electricity.

The improved design lets us spread the plates further apart. This makes them easy to clean by hand. The wider spacing also helps prevent mineral buildup that bridges between plates–mineral bridging can lead to permanent damage.

(Ships 220V Ready)
10FT Cell Cord Length

The wide cell spacing greatly reduces the build-up of calcium in the cell. It can be cleaned by hand without acid and with a simple included tool.

The Universal Sensor inside the cell constantly checks for proper temp conductivity, so no second sensor is required.

In most pools, no flow switch is required*. The cell checks for water conductivity with the Universal Sensor, and connecting to pump power or a synced timer ensures flow.

The cell plates change from positive to negative conductivity automatically for a self-cleaning effect that minimizes calcium build-up.

Powerclean Salt control centers are tough as nails. Essential operations for every pool are included, with adjustable output levels and a chlorine boost option.

The system was originally designed in the hot environment of Phoenix, Arizona, the U.S.A, where temperatures regularly reach over 100 degrees. This system is the absolute best at operating in high temp environments without failure.

The control panel is kept very simple. You have four different chlorine levels to choose from, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, and a Boost mode. There is no salinity sensor but this system can work fine even with high salt levels and it is a slight drawback that you will need to verify the salt level with a test strip or a digital meter. Again, the control panel is kept simple and easy to eliminate possible malfunctions. Simple is sometimes good when it comes to pool equipment.

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