Jacuzzi JPV300 Cordless Rechargeable Battery Operated Vacuum for your Pool & Spa

The Jacuzzi® JPV300 Cordless Professional Pool & Spa Vacuum is a great tool that fits in perfectly between skimming your pool and manually vacuuming your pool with a system vacuum. It is priced just under $230.00 making it an affordable tool for your pool or spa maintenance. It is ideal for spas, above ground pools and small to medium in-ground pools. It is an extremely convenient way to vacuum your pool or spa and the fact that it is cordless allows you to just connect it to your pool pole and drop it right in. A huge time saver.

Here are some of the features of the JPV300:
LPM Part #: 58202
Up to 1-hour run time on a full charge
10.5-inch Wide Vacuum Head
Advanced Motor. Lithium Battery, Cordless, and Fully Rechargeable
Multi-Layered Filter Cone to catch debris
High Volume Debris Chamber and Unique Filtration System
Includes Vacuum Head, Debris Chamber, Filter Assembly, Cleaner Body, Pool Pole Adapter, and Battery Charger
Fully Charges in less than 4 hours
2-Year Warranty
Push Button On/Off

One of the things that I like the best about the JPV300 is the very large debris chamber. It can pick up large amounts of debris before needing to be emptied and the filter cone in front traps dirt and debris extremely well. You will find the JPV300 to be a great all-purpose vacuum for your pool or spa.

It is also 100% water sealed so when you go to recharge it there is no need to open up a charging port. This will make this cleaner extremely long-lasting and the durable aluminum handle on the back is another strong feature of this cleaner. It is built to last and is backed by a 2-year limited warranty by Jacuzzi. You are getting a very well made and solid product for the price point.

I like the fact that the JPV300 can pick up large leaf debris as well as the smaller dirt and debris making this a great all-purpose vacuum. It has great power and size and is great for not only spas and small above ground pools, but you can also easily vacuum a full-size pool with it. I use it primarily for spas and to spot vacuum a pool and the step areas and the fact that it lasts for up to 1-hour on a single charge makes it very useful for those larger pools.

You will be impressed by the power and usefulness of the JPV 300. It is a great portable vacuum and extremely well made.

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